Kim Bo Kyung – It Hurts (아파)

Even paper cuts hurt so much
Even peeling skin on your foot from heels hurt so much
The person I loved more than myself isn’t by my side
So how can the scar that’s deep in my heart, heal?

* I shed tears again as much as it hurts
Even though I cry several times, it keeps flowing
I wish my heart could be stone
Because of you, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts

I remember random songs I hear by accident
I remember roads that I pass by long ago
The person that I got used to more than myself isn’t by me
So how can I act like nothing is wrong
Tears endlessly fall

* repeat

Please let me go so I won’t think of you again
Love is always painful
It gives and takes away everything
I wish I couldn’t feel anything (even love) even love
Now I’m tired, tired, tired, tired