Younha – Wait For Me (기다려줘)


Words I say for the first time because I miss you
Words that weren’t familiar with me
I tried to think that you were just a passing by person

If I think about, there is a lot to remember
I guess we really did love
If it’s not too late, if you think the same as I do

* Wait for me – because I’m so slow
The accustomed longing finally awakens me now
Come back to me – my late regrets
If they are delivered to you, will it turn you back around?

So many things have changed
But time doesn’t rest and ticks on
If you are waiting, if you think the same as I do

* Repeat

I miss you though it’s funny that I do this now
The familiarized longing finally finds me now

Would you remember the days we used to love?
If you remember, then come back to me

* Repeat