10cm – Love Is Falling In Drops (사랑이 방울지네)

As soon as the sunlight seeps in, I get up
I wash up with warm water and shave
I put on the clothes I laid out before I went to bed
Should I put my hair back or leave it alone? I don’t like it today but

* I’m walking on this quiet road on my way to see you
At the blowing wind, love is falling in drops
What should I say, what face expression should I make?
On top of my trembling heart, love is falling in drops

As soon as I find a spot and sit, I get scared
I pick up and put down my poor phone
It’s been 30 minutes but there’s no call from you
I wonder if you are busy and forgot about our date

* Repeat

Ooh love is
Ooh in my heart
Ooh love is
Ooh in my heart

The ringing bell signals that you’re here
I smell your subtle scent and love is falling in drops
Whatever I say, whatever face expression I make,
You and I, between us two,
Love is falling in drops