GLAM – In Front Of The Mirror (거울앞에서)


I prayed that I would look different in the mirror again today
Because I hated that anyone could see how I am ugly
But actually, I think I gained more weight than yesterday
(I think I’ll really go crazy)

I cautiously comforted myself
Making all sorts of sounds that seemed like my own charm
But now I became uselessly sensitive
I guess I can’t help myself

In my dark room, I lay on top of the bed
All alone – my nickname is Miss Single-for-a-thousand-years
I get lonely every day
But I hide myself
My concept is to be haughty
My friends tell me that I’m a cool girl
But I am hiding my real image
Again today, I secretly wear a mask
In front of the mirror in my room

* Again in front of the mirror
In front of my face
My pride is crumbling once again
“I’m so pretty, I’m so awesome”
I say those useless monologues
And I’m falling down, I’m falling down
The tears keep endlessly falling
The thorn-like truth prickles me – that I’m not pretty

The breathtaking bodies like those celebrities on TV
The risky and beautiful bodies that walk the streets of Gangnam
I really tried to work out hard
(I I tried so hard I I tried so hard)
But it’s all pointless
(I cannot get over you)

I’m not OK – I’m so dissatisfied with myself (dissatisfied)
I did date a few times but they all ended poorly
Was it a difference in personalities?
Or am I a girl who is embarrassing to be seen with?
They have left and I remain
A beautiful me, that I dream of

* Repeat

Don’t you know I’m not pretty
I may not be pretty but
Honestly, my heart would be beautiful
If only I could show people my heart like magic
I think I could love and date

* Repeat

Again in front of the mirror
In front of my face
My pride is crumbling once again
I’m not pretty