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Loco & Mamamoo – This Song (이 노래) My Lovely Girl OST

Far away
So you can hear this song

This song of love
A melody for you

After running fast, I stopped and stood in the middle of the road
I suddenly started to daydream about you
I’m tightly holding you hand, which I couldn’t touch before, as we walk
When I opened my eyes again, I saw a bright star in front of me Continue reading

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Baechigi (feat. Hwasa of Mamamoo) – Boy Jump (소년점프)

I got even more wrinkles today
Now people keep calling me an old man openly
While I’m rowing away like an excited sailor
I’ve got a pillow print on my face lasting half the day
My pot belly makes me slower
I see the things I found funny in adults in myself now
It’s taking away my courage

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Mamamoo – Love Lane (Marriage Not Dating OST)

The way you talk always mysteriously stays near my ears
My face grows red (and my heart gets excited)

Inside the square bus
I faintly hear a well-known song
At some point (falling into you)

What’s there to think about?
Wanna walk together now? (boy)

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Mamamoo, Geeks – Hi Hi Ha He Ho (히히하헤호)

When I see you, I go hehe haheho
When I see you, I feel better
When I see you, I go hehe haheho
When I see you, no more sorrow

On a rainy day, you wipe away my tears
Sunny day, it’s so amazing
Boy you got a way of making me smile
When I had a bad day and I show up with a dark face, you tell me
Turn that frown upside down
I thought it’d be annoying but without knowing, I’m smiling

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Phantom (Kiggen Solo) Feat. Hwi In of Mamamoo – Under Age’s Song

Whatever you do in this world, it’ll be hard
So do what you like

Little boy, go to where you can hear the song
Don’t hesitate even a little
Follow your racing heart
Wherever you stop, create a new gravity
Even if reality chokes you
Even if it’s not the life your parents wanted for you
You and I, our bodies and hearts have already grown
Because the good and evil of adults are somewhat strange

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K.Will, Mamamoo (Feat. Wheesung) – Peppermint Chocolate (썸남썸녀)


We’re still not ripe enough to call each other honey
It’s probably a matter of time before we call each other honey

I’m ready to ask you out but the sweet words, looks and touch, that’s the real fun, like
Counting down till our 100 days? That’s so childish, not the style these days, just smile brightly
You ready? We want a relationship that enjoys the taste of slowly melting candy
Why define love at this age? Just the butterflies in the stomach is good enough, it’s cool

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Mamamoo (Feat. Bumkey) – Don’t Be Happy (행복해하지마)


I never had a chance to say that I miss you, that I miss you
I thought that you would always be by my side

But you’re in another man’s arms, being loved
That affectionate image drives me crazy
It feels like my heart will rip as much as I regret
I’m so mad at myself for just standing here

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