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Mamamoo – AHH OOP!

Look at my eyes Look at my lips Look at my neck Just look don’t touch Look at the way I wa walk it out From side to side Just look don’t touch… Continue reading

Mamamoo – My Everything (내 눈 속엔 너) Spy OST

My eyes are open but I can’t see you I am walking but I can’t go I’m crying under the late sky If there is only one day left If that is tomorrow… Continue reading

Standing Egg (feat. Hwi In of Mamamoo & Yoon Dak of O Broject) – Sunlight Hurts (햇살이 아파)

The sunlight hurts, this street I walked with you hurts The song that passes my ears hurts Without knowing, I keep shedding tears as I walk If only I loved you more If… Continue reading

Mamamoo – Piano Man

I’m ready for some action Are you ready for perfection Hey piano man Hello um Such boring conversations Such senseless guys My high heels and carefully applied lipstick They don’t even notice, how… Continue reading

Loco & Mamamoo – This Song (이 노래) My Lovely Girl OST

Far away So you can hear this song This song of love A melody for you After running fast, I stopped and stood in the middle of the road I suddenly started to… Continue reading

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