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Mamamoo – Girl Crush

See you there later, I’m telling you
I found a hot place
I have a good feeling, I’m really excited
The spotlight that’ll shine on me

Longer eyeliner, higher nose contour
The thicker the makeup, the greater my confidence
But why my boyfriend, your eyes look suspicious
Oh my god, are you doubting me right now? Can’t believe it Continue reading Mamamoo – Girl Crush

Basick (feat. Mamamoo) – Stand Up (Show Me The Money 4)

What I wanted was a body that could take my passion
So my son and my woman don’t have to worry about tomorrow
I was an immature guy
I still won’t give up
I’m nothing but the only thing I could be proud of
Is my hand that grips a pen
At one time, I was a super rookie
This whole scene wanted my style
I went against this challenging world
Went into the corporate world for my responsibilities
On TV I see my old friends becoming rap stars
I’m just James Bond wearing a suit
but what moves me isn’t getting a paycheck every month
But a sweet bass line Continue reading Basick (feat. Mamamoo) – Stand Up (Show Me The Money 4)

Primary (feat. Paloalto, Hwasa of Mamamoo) – Mileage

My phone 6, safari journey, my room is California
I always wanted a summer vacation before it’s too late

Day and night, I work like an ant during the weekdays
My patience is up to 10 million mileage
I end up staying home on the weekends, no sleep during the week
And the money I make is cyber money Continue reading Primary (feat. Paloalto, Hwasa of Mamamoo) – Mileage