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Kim Sun Gyun, Do Hee (Tiny-G) – Destiny (운명) Reply 1994 OST

Meeting you among these many people is truly fortunate If I didn’t meet you in this wasteland-like world Meeting you in the middle of this big world is such a joy If I… Continue reading

Go Ara – Start (시작) Reply 1994 OST (Original: Park Ki Young)

There was a night that I only thought of you Why am I acting like this? I think that I like you so much I guess this is love The moment I first… Continue reading

Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon Seok, Son Ho Joon – Only Feeling You (너만을 느끼며) Reply 1994 OST

Just as much as you wanted it to be me, I don’t want a lot This mysterious sadness is just my longing feelings Our short relationship will remain as a long lasting pain… Continue reading

DIAmond – Break Up For Me (날 위한 이별) Reply 1994 OST

I know, I know everythingI know where you are You will think of my sometimes tooOn drunken nights Who was this break up for?So did we really become happy?

Lim Kim – Happy Me (Original: Eco – 행복한 나를) Reply 1994 OST

I met you after going through several break ups Maybe that’s why I was more scared to start with you But getting to know someone and loving someone How great would it be… Continue reading

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