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Kim Sun Gyun, Do Hee (Tiny-G) – Destiny (운명) Reply 1994 OST


Meeting you among these many people is truly fortunate
If I didn’t meet you in this wasteland-like world

Meeting you in the middle of this big world is such a joy
If I didn’t meet you in my thorn tree-like heart
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Go Ara – Start (시작) Reply 1994 OST (Original: Park Ki Young)


There was a night that I only thought of you
Why am I acting like this?
I think that I like you so much
I guess this is love

The moment I first saw you, I felt it
That you are the person that I’ve been waiting for

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Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon Seok, Son Ho Joon – Only Feeling You (너만을 느끼며) Reply 1994 OST


Just as much as you wanted it to be me, I don’t want a lot
This mysterious sadness is just my longing feelings
Our short relationship will remain as a long lasting pain
But everything can’t change, even our precious story
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Lim Kim – Happy Me (Original: Eco – 행복한 나를) Reply 1994 OST


I met you after going through several break ups
Maybe that’s why I was more scared to start with you
But getting to know someone and loving someone
How great would it be if you were the last person to do so? Like me…

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Sung Shi Kyung – To You (Original: Seotaiji – 너에게) Reply 1994 OST


I just laughed over what you said
But you wouldn’t know
I like everything about you but I’m scared right now

Too many thoughts are blocking you
But you smile at me (I’m just thankful)
Your innocent heart is still so pretty
But I don’t know why but everything is so hard

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Roy Kim – Seoul, Here (서울 이곳은) Reply 1994 OST


I think I really need to go back
This place doesn’t suit me
I maybe smiling inside the flashy temptations
But everything feels unfamiliar

After I’ve gotten used to the loneliness
Being alone is actually more comfortable
You might not understand this yet
Just like I don’t know you either

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