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Pia – Don’t Go (When A Man Loves OST)

Your heart is already too far to turn back I probably can’t stop you Your heart is not like mine to turn it back What can I do to embrace your tears, your… Continue reading

Sung Hoon (of Brown Eyed Soul) – Goodbye Is Coming (이별이 오나봐) When A Man Loves OST

We were in love, we were happy But I keep getting scared As if a hole has formed in the middle of my heart Your cold wind blows through With your head down… Continue reading

JeA (of Brown Eyed Girls) – Secret Note (비밀노트) When A Man Loves OST

Because your sad eyes resemble mine Although I wanted to hug you… Because your pained heart resembles mine Although I want to love you… I write it out alone I love you I… Continue reading

Hwayobi – Same Place (제자리) When A Man Loves OST

As much as my scattered tears My heart hurts Because love is getting sad, because love is so cold My heart is just like ice In the flowing time, in the flowing tears… Continue reading

Jung Dong Ha (of Boohwal) – First Button (첫 번째 단추) When A Man Love OST

One man is in love with you With clumsy eyes and clumsy steps So that naive woman, like a fool, Is looking at a different place once again Where did it go wrong?… Continue reading

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