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Pia – Don’t Go (When A Man Loves OST)


Your heart is already too far to turn back
I probably can’t stop you
Your heart is not like mine to turn it back

What can I do to embrace your tears, your scars?
What can I do to show my heart in yours?

How much do I have to hurt
For you to come back to me?
For this moment, this sadness
This cruel nightmare to disappear?

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Sung Hoon (of Brown Eyed Soul) – Goodbye Is Coming (이별이 오나봐) When A Man Loves OST


We were in love, we were happy
But I keep getting scared
As if a hole has formed in the middle of my heart
Your cold wind blows through

With your head down low
Are there words hidden in your lips?
Your strange face, that awkward smile
My painful heart already knows

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JeA (of Brown Eyed Girls) – Secret Note (비밀노트) When A Man Loves OST


Because your sad eyes resemble mine
Although I wanted to hug you…
Because your pained heart resembles mine
Although I want to love you…

I write it out alone
I love you
I love you
I hide my heart
I miss you
I miss you

I write it down with my tears
I engrave it in my heart
On my note
But I erase you again
My tears fall, fall, fall. fall on my note

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Hwayobi – Same Place (제자리) When A Man Loves OST


As much as my scattered tears
My heart hurts
Because love is getting sad, because love is so cold
My heart is just like ice

In the flowing time, in the flowing tears
The memories that bloomed in my heart
They hold onto me and won’t let go of you

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Jung Dong Ha (of Boohwal) – First Button (첫 번째 단추) When A Man Love OST


One man is in love with you
With clumsy eyes and clumsy steps
So that naive woman, like a fool,
Is looking at a different place once again

Where did it go wrong?
Like buttons fastened wrongly
It seems like I can touch you but I can’t
You remain even clearer to me

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Baek Ah Yeon – Introduction To Love (사랑학개론) When A Man Loves OST


As I’m washing up
I see myself in the mirror
I am smiling
A trembling called you
Has come to me like a dream

* Embracing me,
Shining on that starlight,
Is the sound of the rain
And your voice

** Sweeter than this cotton candy that tickles me
Is your love

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