EXO – Playboy

Hey Playboy haha (boy) Let’s play! Don’t pick up your ringing phone, let’s leave it alone There’s no need to tell anyone but us two Let’s just leave it alone, why are you… Continue reading

EXO – El Dorado

I had the same dream again, I was at an endless desert There is a dazzling city but it always vanishes before I get there I’m going toward the place I have to… Continue reading

EXO – Exodus

Yeah, babe My queen You control me Oh yeah, stand up I shout out but the answer is no The broken pieces of my heart shine I’ve fallen and there’s no exit In… Continue reading

EXO – My Answer

I may seem strong, I may be smiling But there are many times when I’m alone I may seem like I don’t have any worries But I have a lot to say The… Continue reading

EXO – What If… (시선 둘, 시선 하나)

Eyes looking at each other Eyes looking at each other One pair of remaining eyes Oh you really look happy, you look happy When I see you, so beautiful that it’s sad I… Continue reading

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