JYJ- So So

It changed on the first day and I got tired of the familiarity
The next day was just for free
With that kind of heart, I held you
As I swayed on the third day
While drunk, I said those words as if it was nothing
For me, you’re just so so, I just feel you so so

Don’t be afraid, I should hurt even more
And pray again, so I can find you again
The more time passes, the more it hurts, I need you
Go back in time, just one time
Forgive my sins
If only I could turn things back, this pain would be so so

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JYJ- Dad, You There?

I sit on the white light that I see far away
I long for you, who I can’t see anymore
I softly take out the memories that have lost its owner
My days without you, I don’t know where to start
What if he was an angel

Always by my side
What if he was an angel
You used to do everything with me
After letting you go, I was left alone, but you were sent to me again
Without you, just an empty shell
What if he was an angel
What if he was an angel

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JYJ- Letting Go

Your lips are saying that you don’t feel the same anymore
You spit out cold words, asking me to let go of you
Yes, now it’s over, since you say it’s over
Instead of being sad, I’m mad

Girl I can’t believe the place we used to make love
Is the place we end up breaking up
I didn’t see the end coming
If we throw away the tiring and hard times we had, it’ll be over
Regretting this is all on you
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HyunA (4minute) Feat. LE (EXID)

Cross it all out, cross it all out
I’ll cross it all out, you you you you
Cross it all out, cross it all out
I’ll cross it all out, you you you

Haven’t we never met before?
So why’re you talking about me
If you have no special ideas, just look at my picture on your wall
What do you think, aren’t I pretty? I’m not nice at all
The pretty things I do, when you tried it, how was it, wasn’t it dangerous?

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HyunA (4minute) feat. Yang Yoseob (BEAST) – From When and Until When (어디부터 어디까지)

How far along are we? What do you think?
Is it too early? Tonight, I want to be by your side
Dreaming the same dream with you

When I first saw you, my eyes were filled with only you
My friends couldn’t even understand, I couldn’t sleep every night
I couldn’t even get used to myself being like this
You and I are clearly such opposites
Maybe that’s why I’m even more attracted to you because you’re different from me
Maybe that’s why you captivate me more because it’s my first time seeing someone like you
The first, yes, I like that word
That’s how I feel, I like you so much

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HyunA (4minute) – French Kiss

Do it do it do it tonight, scandal party
Do it do it do it. don’t be scared
A breathless night with the exploding beats
Do it do it do it, our secret grinding

Be N.I.C.E Let’s go Mo.D.E
Call my name, HyunA, the more you do, the hotter I get
Just the two of us, no matter what people around us say
I don’t care, melt me, I want all of you, show me everything

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Kim Yong Jin (Bohemian) – Love…Remember (사랑…기억) Only Love OST

I opened my heart without fear
That’s why it’s so hard right now
I should’ve approached you slowly
But I think I fell in love too quickly

If my heart stops, will I be able to accept your love?
If I turn my heart away, will you love me?
If time stops, will this pain stop too?
I didn’t know love was this hard

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Shin Sung Rok – Boiling (펄펄 끓어요) Trot Lovers OST

You seem sad today, making my heart want to cry
I can’t stop worrying about you, what do I do?

The wind passes you and flies over to me
My nose and my heart are filled with your scent

My heart is boiling
Burn your sadness in here
I’ll send you my heart
I want to see you smiling

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