BTS – Could You Turn Off Your Cell Phone (핸드폰 좀 꺼줄래)

Could you turn off your cell phone?
Everyone says it’s smart
But we’re all getting dumber
Could you turn off your cell phone?
Look at my face and give me a mention
I don’t need a Like

You use your phone to even tell me you’re going to the bathroom
You give me a slight smile as if you think you’re smart
It’s not funny at all, I’ve seen you for the first time in months
Why are you pretending to be popular? Did you win the lottery or something?

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TOUCH – Nan / I’m / Me (난)

I’m going crazy after letting you go
I’m dying
I’m going insane, you’re still the same in my memories
But when I open my eyes, you’re gone

No matter how much I think about it, I don’t know why you’re doing this to me
I cry every night
No matter how much I call out to you, I know you won’t come
But why am I hurting alone?

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Changmin (DBSK) & E.D.E.N – Come To Me (The Night’s Watchmen OST)

The moment I first came across you
I got a mysterious feeling that I never felt before, I can’t explain it
My heart takes a step toward you every time
I can’t hide my heart anymore

I’m so love you in my heart
I want to be with you
My heart keeps trembling, it’s only you
I will love you all my life
With you, just like now
From now on, it’s the beginning
You and I, our shining time

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Changmin (DBSK) & E.D.E.N – Because I Couldn’t Say I Love You (사랑한다 그 말 못해서) The Night’s Watchmen OST

Tears keep flowing
I don’t even have the strength to wipe them away now
It seems like your traces will be erased as well
But I probably don’t want that
Which is why I cry again

Because I couldn’t say I love you
Because I don’t have that kind of courage
Because I couldn’t hold onto you, who was leaving
I miss you even more

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Sunny Hill – Love Cell (연애세포)

I say “Yes” with soft words, I quickly tell him
I say “Yes” I want a passionate love

It’s already too weird between us for love
It was just like this with the other guy that I was seeing
I don’t know, I’m too lazy to call
I avoided you again, nothing to say, I’m at a loss
I don’t know, I’m too lazy
Don’t ask me out if you’re not gonna pick me up

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