TaeTiSeo (Girls’ Generation) – EYES

(For your EYES only)
Oh Come on, Baby, your eyes pretend not to know
Oh Maybe, Honey, your hands pretend they’re not curious
Without anyone knowing, I covered myself in a veil
But now open my box and bring me to you

A mysterious secret, an untouchable aura
I’ll only show you, look at me
(For your EYES only) Continue reading

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TaeTiSeo (Girls’ Generation) – Stay

The melody of the wind is scattered all over the blue sky
The ocean is so clear that I can see my feet
When I look at you, it’s dazzling as if it’s a dream
You plant a surprise kiss on my cheek and smile

Your excited voice over the meteor shower was so cute
I’ll give you some fireworks, right now Continue reading


TaeTiSeo (Girls’ Generation) – Adrenaline

What is this feeling? Am I the only one who doesn’t know?
You’ve been hiding your black hole, a new world greets me
This is my heart’s joke, an illusion called Cupid
There’s no such thing as forever but your eyes are shaking me up

(My eyes) only look at you
(My breath) is quickening
(My body) isn’t listening to my heart
I’m falling, I’m falling for you Continue reading


TaeTiSeo (Girls’ Generation) – Holler

Ladies and Gentlemen, can you hear me?
I hope you are ready for a fast ride
Cause that’s what we’re going for tonight
So sit back and buckle up
Cause you’ll be racing with the stars tonight
Listen! Wow!

It’s no fun to be ordinary on a bright sunny day
Wanna go somewhere to find a special secret?
To a mysterious and unknown world that you’ve heard of when you were young
Right now, there’s no time, follow my gestures, follow me Continue reading


Verbal Jint (feat. Eddy Kim) – Autumn Smell (가을냄새)

When the colors start changing on every street, everywhere
Why do I always think of you? I don’t know, I don’t know

I could smell it
While waiting for the traffic light
I smelled the wind blowing in through my car window

It provokes me for some reason
I had to get out
I parked my car somewhere and started to walk Continue reading


Swings & Yoo Sung Eun – Trap (My Secret Hotel OST)

Your thoughts give me a hard time
I can’t escape your shadow

It’s so funny when you think about it after a break up
Why did the good moods seep out?
At the same time, this is what I want to know
Since when did my face get red whenever I see you?
So I had to bow my head and wear a mask
You said it wasn’t any different from when we first met
That’s how you convinced me but I couldn’t believe those words
So whatever you said, I put up a defense and kicked you out
Because from some point, you didn’t dress up for me
Didn’t go to the places you wanted to go
You kept getting angry and I kept accepting it
Then I became someone who was always just there
Even if you change your attitude and fix your makeup Continue reading


Teen Top – Love Is… (지독하다)

Love is so cruel
It used to be like our own fairy, so beautiful
But now I can’t ever see you again
Love is so cruel
I thought we would be forever
Fate and lingering feelings
I still remember you girl

Yeah on the radio
The song that we used to like is playing
When your favorite part came on
I stopped it for a moment
The typical things that the DJ would say
It’d make me even sadder
So I turned off the radio and started fiddling with my phone
But I’m not brave enough Continue reading

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