Epik High (feat. Taeyang of Big Bang) – RICH

She wanted to fly like a bird
So she bought an airplane ticket
He wanted to place the sky and ocean in his hands
So he bought a big globe
Everyone places a price tag on their dreams
But no matter how much you spend, the shopping cart of your heart keeps growing
People buy things even as they loan money
But is it too wasteful to live as you dream?
You’re looking for an answer, where your pocket is
Baby, you don’t even know what the problem is
Your bucket list is your shopping list
But the life you miss
You take proof photos but you make no memories
You can endure hunger but not pain
Your stomach is like a popular song, easily full and easily hungry again1 Continue reading

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Epik High (feat. Jo Won Sun of Rollercoaster) – Easy Ending / Happen Ending (헤픈엔딩)

What’s the use of telling you?
I won’t beg for being comforted
I hate selling my emotions
I’m stingy with happiness
Words I hate more than “you pay” is “have strength”
Alcohol, people, everything
I get drunk easily and have messy endings
I get mad easily and ruin the fun
Even when it seems like I’m so happy Continue reading


ICON (No Min Woo) – October (10월)

The leaves are changing color, my heart is growing a bit cold
I just look at the sky
The airplane that is filled with people
Will time be cruelly fast for them too?

The day we broke up
It’s already been a couple of years now, time’s so fast
I still don’t feel like everything’s resolved
Do you feel the same way as me sometimes? Continue reading


BEAST – Close My Eyes (눈을 감아도)

It’s dangerous, it feels like I’m barely hanging off the edge of a cliff
You used to always look at me but now I keep seeing your turned back
(How can we be under the same sky and) you’re so cold and I’m hot?
(How can we be in the same space) but you’re with someone else and not me?

Can we be happy? If it’s you, I could
My thoughts make time stop Continue reading

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