Kidoh (Topp Dogg) – She’s So Sensitive (그녀는 너무 예민해)

She’s so sensitive
Her smile looks especially dangerous today
She’s so smart
Her eyes seem like they’ll see right through me
She’s my ms right ms right
That’s right that’s right
She’s my ms right ms right
That’s right that’s right
I gave her everything but she doesn’t know that, goodbye Continue reading

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JK Kim Dong Wook – Dirty Dancing

Come touch me, no not there
Come grab me, no not there
I’ll wrap around your entire body
Like a snake

Um spank me love
I’m a giglo who captivates you with amazing skills
My eyes stay there, my frozen heart is now on fire
Round and round, I’m spinning, round and round, I’m getting excited
Like a crazy person, like there’s no day but today

Why do you keep only looking at me
Are you seeing this kind of movement for the first time?
What exactly are you thinking right now?
Are you really lonely today like me? Continue reading


Yoon Jong Shin (with Swings) – Gray City (회색도시)

Used to the hardened faces now
It’s the path that I chose anyway

Regretting is against the rules so I put on a hardened smile

It may seem like I’m getting along fine
How I seem to others is important

Even if my insides are crumbling, I need to put on a hardened smile

Out of all the decisions I make in a day, how many are really what I want?
Those decisions have brought me this far Continue reading


Crayon Pop – C’mon C’mon (뜬뜬뜬뜬 뜨든뜬) High School: Love On OST

just get your luv
i want your luv
just get your luv
luv luv luv luv luv

Oh my, I didn’t know that you were looking at me from over there
Do you like me? What to do? My heart keeps pounding
Are you interested in me?
What do I do if you ask me out?
Actually, I think it’ll be okay
Without knowing, my heart is… Continue reading


Lee Seung Hwan – One Person (그 한 사람) Discovery of Romance OST

When she started to settle in my heart
It was an unexpected moment
The moment we lowered our bodies and met eyes

Her hands are whiter than words
She has many different looks
Those things tell me so much more
Can a good heart be easily read? Continue reading


Jo Kwan Woo – Loss (상실) Cuckoo’s Nest OST

Are you doing well? In that place without me?
Don’t be hurt, my eternal love

I’m still living although you’re not by my side
I sway as I walk through the rain

I don’t want to hear it, it’s all a painful lie
How can my love become a sin?
Did you know? That the deep traces of our memories are cruel scars to me? Continue reading


Troy – Be Mine

These days, I think about you
I didn’t know a day could feel this long
I miss you baby yeah
Could you come to me, would you come into my life
I’m waiting for you again today, yeah

Hello, can you come here for a sec?
I won’t touch you
Although I might secretly look at you
I’m not a stalker so I won’t do that kinda stuff, don’t worry
I can use sweet words to make you curious
But I’m different from other guys
That doesn’t mean you’re the last
So don’t feel pressured, just allow me for today
Just up until here Continue reading

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