Nicole (feat. Ricky of Teen Top) – Joker

I’m used to it, I can’t hide my heart in front of you
Because I’m an expert at being just friends

If it’s you, even when you talk about her
I can pretend I’m okay, I can take it

I have to be the most comfortable person to you
Because that’s how I can stay by your side Continue reading Nicole (feat. Ricky of Teen Top) – Joker

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Nicole (feat. Dong Woo of Infinite) – 7-2 = Misundertanding (7-2=오해)

I miss you, how are you?
I thought it would be okay, but it’s not

I tried to throw it all away but it’s not easy
There’s nothing to throw away, how about you?

It was my first love, the feeling that I felt, first bliss, bursting heart beat
My daydreams grew often and deep, I hated my days for getting shorter when I Saw you, all day
The deep nights when I didn’t want to say goodbye, I wanted to see the sun the next day
Every moment with you, I engraved deep inside
I was miserable because I couldn’t forget you, how about you? Continue reading Nicole (feat. Dong Woo of Infinite) – 7-2 = Misundertanding (7-2=오해)

Soulcry – Although You Don’t Know (그댄 모를테지만) My Dear Cat OST

You don’t know but I like you
I didn’t tell you in case things would get awkward
You don’t know but I was drinking with my friend
And without knowing, I talked about you
And smiled because my heart was pounding

I think I’m in love, all day, I think about you
All day, I can’t do anything when I think about you
Laughter comes from my mouth, I’m in a good mood
I can’t let you know even though you don’t know my heart Continue reading Soulcry – Although You Don’t Know (그댄 모를테지만) My Dear Cat OST

Kim Bum Soo (feat. Geeks, Mrs. Lee) – Home Meal (집 밥)

I don’t look forward to my commute back home
Awkward melodies fill the streets
After the rain falls, making time walk faster
I’m waiting for a sunny day, let it be
My father who uses an old phone and doesn’t really call
He doesn’t know anything and trusts in his young son
My youth walks through the city that feels especially heavier today Continue reading Kim Bum Soo (feat. Geeks, Mrs. Lee) – Home Meal (집 밥)

Lee Jun Ki – Ma Lady

I`ve been waiting for a long time
That`s right, we were meant to be
You`ve came in to my life
It`s never gonna be the same
Let me say this to you, girl

As much as we’ve been together, what gets deeper
Is the first day that we can never go back to again

Memories of you are endless
Memories filled with heart fluttering feelings Continue reading Lee Jun Ki – Ma Lady

A Pink – LUV

Do you remember the times we spent together? L.O.V.E (LUV)
Is your heart pounding? It was everything at one time, L.O.V.E (LUV)
Now I think about those times sometimes, L.O.V.E (LUV)
Can’t we turn back time?
I can’t believe it, our story has already passed so long ago

(My love) On an especially tiring and long day
(My love) There is no one on my side (L.O.V.E LUV)
Just for a moment, I’d like to lean on someone and cry, yeah Continue reading A Pink – LUV

Mamamoo – Piano Man

I’m ready for some action
Are you ready for perfection
Hey piano man
Hello um

Such boring conversations
Such senseless guys
My high heels and carefully applied lipstick
They don’t even notice, how boring

I think it was then you walked in
A piano man who doesnt fit in this place
When his white finger touched the keys
My eyes were wide opened Continue reading Mamamoo – Piano Man

G-Dragon & Taeyang – Good boy

Put your hands in the air
How y’all feeling out there
We gon’ party over here
Everyone together sing it let me hear you say
La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la la

I am a good boy I am a good good I am a good boy

Wherever I go, they’re lining up, when girls see me, their eyes light on fire
During the day, I’m a lil hamster but at night when I’m making love, a gangster
A warm and affectionate look (natural skinship) you’ll be twitching
Even if you don’t tell me, I know what you want, I can tell Continue reading G-Dragon & Taeyang – Good boy

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