SISTAR – But I Love U

It’s just us two but why can’t I feel anything?
We’re kissing but why can’t I feel anything?
I’m ready to do anything for you
But what do I do if your heart is already turned off?

I told you it comes later for women
I told you love is a bit slow
Who’s the one who made me like this?
So where do you think you’re going?

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SISTAR (Feat. Verbal Jint) – Naughty Hands (나쁜 손)

When you softly put your hand on my shoulder
I was so surprised
(You you you)
What do you think you’re doing, slyly touching
This isn’t the first time
(You’re moving too fast)

As if it’s your habit
Your naughty hands come out naturally and I keep doubting (don’t be like that)
What if you’re like this to all girls?
My thoughts are getting complicated

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Seo In Guk – Finding Myself (돌아오는 길) High School King of Savvy OST

Now I don’t know from when or from where
Maybe all of this is what I wanted
At some point, without knowing, I’m getting used to everything
I am wandering inside my mixed up thoughts

What can i do
I don’t know how to find myself
Can’t move on until i find myself
What must I do? I still don’t know
Is it because I’m afraid to go back?
If not, is it because I’m afraid that you’ll turn away?

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J-Min – Secret Letter (비밀편지)

All day, I’m so out of it
Who are you to shake my heart up like this?
The moment I saw you, everything stopped
Strangely, I only saw you

(My lips dried) my lips dried
(My throat burned) my throat burned
I don’t know where to look, my voice trembles
Honestly, my pride is a bit bruised
I guess all of me was taken away by you

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J-Min – Finally

Even when the stars twinkle
You will miss it when the moment is over and gone
Even if the ash gray clouds cover your eyes and you can’t see
My world, my sun will shine brightly on me
Now I will start, I need to walk on my path

I’ll run toward the voice that I hear from far away
Without hesitating, finally
I’ve been waiting for a long time
The day to leave for my light has come
Time has come to me finally

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