San E (feat. Joe Rhee) – Using You

I’m looking at you, sleeping next to me Before, that was it These days, you act like you wanna get married to me Before, you used to frown when you saw me Remember,… Continue reading

San E – #LuvUHater

Hello haters warup Come here for a second, question, do you know me? Then how can you blab on like that? blah blah blah A present for you: fuck you just kidding thank… Continue reading

San E (feat. Jung In) – She’s

(Is she crying) Can you shine on that one girl over there? Not you but the girl who’s hunched over, yes her Let me get a close up so I can see better,… Continue reading

Raina (After School) & Hanhae (Phantom) feat. Verbal Jint – Let’s Be Strange (이상하자)

Everyone says that life is not like the movies And they asked, isn’t it time to grow up now? I said, It’s none of your business If I want, I can go anywhere… Continue reading

Oh Yoo Joon – I Love You (그댈 사랑합니다) Unkind Women OST

The moment I first saw you, I knew That you’re the love that I wanted, it was like fate You’re like a gift from heaven, I’m so fortunate To have met you, love… Continue reading

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