V.O.S – Run While Crying (울면서 달리기)

Eat alone, no crying while drunk
Don’t break down even when watching a sad drama or movie
Practice smiling in the mirror

Wake up alone, fall asleep without your voice
Laugh out loud when watching TV, chat with friends
But when it really hurts Continue reading

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As One – For The Night (오늘 같은 날)

Aah, Ha Yeah Yeah Yeah
You keep making my fly high
Your rough moves make me melt
I’ll empty my last drink
Don’t rush but lead me

Come close to me, hug me, morning is coming
I might have you without anyone knowing
I think I’m ready to be with you
A night like tonight won’t come again
You shouldn’t worry about the time
Don’t turn away, hurry and hug me baby Continue reading


Lee Soo Young – I Love You But It’s Not Love (사랑하나 사랑이 아닌 것) Blade Man OST

I said I loved you but it wasn’t love
My clumsy kiss was like the cold edge of a sword
I lingered around me, I stole my heart
I acted like I would give you anything you wanted

I said I missed you but I couldn’t see you
The more you love me, the more you want me, the more afraid I got
Even if you hug me and shed tears
I’m even more afraid of love, what do I do? Continue reading


HOTSHOT – Take A Shot

Every time, you’ll suffocate in one breath, no mercy
Your ears and breath will be pulled to me, you’re fancy
I’m the man, I’m the man, yeah best man x2

Hey yeah, your body dances with the rhythm
Top player back, taking all the looks with you, baby

Even our scale is different, our shows get sold out
The magic of the fans who come to see me every day Continue reading

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Swings (feat. Lim Kim) – My Ballad

On a rainy night, I took my umbrella
Sat in front of a food truck and drank
One bottle, two bottles, three bottles later
I realized I had no cigarettes so I paid and went to find bottle four

As if you’re dead, you’ve gone away
I can’t touch you or see you
la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la Continue reading


Kyun Woo – Mask (가면) Liar Game OST

You, I want you, just you, the one person
Though you can’t see me, I’m running to you
Your soft and kind heart
I’ll protect it all, you, my baby, my girl

Though I can’t say it, though I can’t hold onto you
I am your shadow, walking with you
Can you hear my soft breath? Can you hear me baby
You, don’t cry baby, I’m by your side
I know, just wait a little bit for me Continue reading


Playa – You’re So Bad (너는 너무 못됐어)

Stop saying harsh things without even thinking about the aftermath
Just because you have strong pride, do you feel better after giving me a hard time?
Stop hating on me, saying that I’m a narrow-minded girl
The fact that I’m dating you shows that I have a lot of patience

(If I say let’s break up) You really agree with me
(I try to believe you) Then you turn away Continue reading

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