BEAST – It’s All Good (좋은 일이야)

I think we were dangerous to each other
That’s why we were always in pain
Tears were always in your eyes
My reflection in your tears was a crazy me

I tried thinking of the moment we first met
Trying to force my heart to flutter again
But I saw you were struggling and I wanted more love
It couldn’t go on Continue reading

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BEAST – Drive

I can’t sleep and memories of you won’t leave
Instead of tossing and turning in misery until the morning sun rises
I want to get out of my house that feels especially stuffy
So I took my car keys and left
The GPS turns on along with the engine
And in the list of favorites, your house is on top
As if I saw something I shouldn’t, I erased it all
My prideless heart is racing even faster

I’m used to these streets but I avoid it because I can see your house so I turned the steering wheel
On a strange highway, getting lost, it seems like me so I turned up the volume
I might seem sadder if I listen to upbeat music so I turn on sad music instead
The streetlights pass by like film, what I’m passing by are my feelings for you Continue reading


BEAST – 12:30 (12시 30분)

A noisily breaking glass bottle, is that how we are?
The sky seems so low, it seems like it’ll collapse at any time
You used to ask why I came so late, that you waited for me, happy for my love
But now you’re frozen, colder than a stranger you run into by chance

Your bright smile (bright smile) your warm embrace (your face)
It feels like I can’t see it or touch it now, it scares me Continue reading


Song Gia – Follow Me (날 따라해봐요)

A – Yo
Are you ready? (OK)
Let`s Go!

My name name name, my name name (G)
My name name name, my name name (I)
My name name name, my name name (A)
Whatever I wanna do, whatever I wanna wear

My name name name, my name name
My name name name, my name name
My name name name, my name name
Do you even know who i am? Continue reading


Shin Min Ah & Jo Jung Suk – My Love My Bride – Couple Song

I love you, it will never change
You are my love, my friend

We will be forever happy if we live together
But it’s strange, why do I keep getting lonely?
You went from being a handsome man to a slob, only looking for me when you want to eat
You used to do everything for me, but where did you go? Continue reading


Ji Suk Jin & Club Soul – Saying I Love You (사랑한다 말하는 건) My Dear Cat OST

I’ve waited for you for a long time
I always dreamed a happy dream
The day I first met you, I remember feeling overwhelmed
But I didn’t know that back then

Saying I love you, saying I miss you
I know, my heart tells me, I like you
I smile when I think of you, my heart trembles so much that I can’t breathe
Tell me it’s the beginning, now we know Continue reading


Cho Hyung Woo (feat. Lim Kim) – Someone I Know (아는 남자)

The day I kissed and touched you
You called me just a friend
I can’t forget you
So I can’t say goodbye
I can’t

You give off your scent that still remains in my room
Acting like you can’t remember my name
As if nothing happened after that day Continue reading


Seo In Young (feat Zion.T) – Thinking Of You (생각나)

I cried again yesterday
Because I couldn’t handle your empty seat
With puffy eyes
I cried again yesterday
Because I couldn’t handle your empty seat
With puffy eyes
I kept staring at the phone
My baby

I drank again yesterday
Because I wanted to fill up your empty seat
The small memories of leaning on you
Now I’m the only one remembering them Continue reading


Kim Yong Jin (Bohemian) – Sword (칼) The Three Musketeers OST

Like a fiery destiny
Like burning tears
Yes, let’s rise up in flames from now on
Like the tip of a sharp sword
Like scattered dreams
Let’s start from now on
Toward the enemy camp

Pathetic excuses
Typical tears
Throw them away
There is no pity for you

The world makes noise and plays
The world jumps around out of craziness
Watch, there are no more chances now Continue reading


Goo Hye Sun – Floral Rain (꽃비) Daughter OST

Floral rain is falling, falling down without a sound
We caress each of our clearly glowing faces
I like you a lot, will this feeling come back again?
I’ve become an adult and we are disappearing

Floral rain is falling, beautifully welling up
Even pacing back and forth on the alleyway of a goodbye is becoming laughable
Will this feeling of liking you a lot come back again?
I’ve become an adult and we became a lie Continue reading


Jo Kyu Chan – Love, That Hard Word (사랑, 그 어려운 말) Greatest Marriage OST

Why do they call it love?
Why do goodbyes come again?
The heart, the mysterious heart
Love is a hard thing to talk about

You’re a mystery that’s difficult to solve (mystery)
The history won’t disappear (history)
Why did I meet you?
Why can’t I erase you? Continue reading

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