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Joo Won – If I Could (내가 만일) Good Doctor OST


If I could be the sky
I want to color in your face
Like the red sunset in the evening
I want to color in your cheek

I want to become whatever it is in the world for you
Being together like we are today is such a big joy to me
My love, do you know?
My heart?

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All The Staff (Im Jik Won Il Dong) – Dacapo (Good Doctor OST)


One step
When even one step is hard to take
Because I know the weight of that step
To my friend, to my love, trust me

Two step
I can’t block the wind
But I can walk with you
To My Friend, To My Love, Trust me.

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Eye to Eye – Can You See (보이나요) Good Doctor OST


Because I’m like a fool
I can only see you
I am still waiting for you

After that day
There are many days that I spend alone
I try to hold it in
But at some point, tears come

You’re my person, my person
Can you see me?
My person, my person
Can’t you hear me?
Even if a teardrop falls
I’m alright, I love you

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Kim Jong Gook – How Come You Don’t Know? (모르나요) Good Doctor OST


All day, you stay in my head
You are brightly smiling at me

I wonder if you think of me sometimes
I can’t sleep tonight at thoughts of you

Though I love alone
Though I cry with sadness
Though my heart aches
Some day, that kind of day will come to me
Days of love will come
If I hope and hope

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Ha Dong Gyun – Looks Good (좋아보여) Good Doctor OST


Because the approaching warmth still fully remains
Like a child who has found home at the end of a long trip
All fear disappears

You look good
Smile more for me
I’ll always firmly protect you from fear
Smile more for me like you are now

I hope you won’t be surprised by my stammering words
My dear
In my dream called you, who doesn’t seem real to me
All fear disappears

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Baek Ji Young – Is Crying (울고만있어) Good Doctor OST


I rub my trembling hands
I bite my dry lips
But the tears that burst keep seeping out
So all day, I kept crying

I kept whispering out your name but there was no answer
My hands reach out to you but it’s only an empty seat
I held onto my aching heart and cried and cried
But I don’t have the confidence to melt you down

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Lee Young Hyun – Miracle (Good Doctor OST)


Smile now, don’t be lonely
When you think that you’re alone, hold my hand tightly
The you that is inside of me is not weak
You can cry all you want
Because holding it in doesn’t mean you’re strong

Always!! Love Love yourself
Don’t be scared, believe in me
Sadness and pain are just keys to happiness

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