Simon D – Complex 3 (Feat. B-Free, 지구인)

Ayo my complex, my bad habits and problems
My mental state is always on dispute
School, work, everything is like the army
It’s a fight for my rights and freedom
All I see on the TV are lies
The shell of celebrities who are soulless
All lies, fake ass clowns on a budget
And y’all can’t move me, no I ain’t budging
Like the interests of money game, scam and illegal loans
The music rights distribution right sucks
The company to the artist is 7:3
Why do you get a brand new car when I did all the work?
Kids, there are no such thing as wrong questions
If you don’t fight, you lose already
If you hate me, bury me or
Listen to the sucky music, bitch
*Even if we’re full of flaws and evil, we’re the shit
We find the way out even if it’s blocked
There is no one perfect so
We’re gonna show up in our style
Complex 1, I complain a lot
Complex 2, I’m the shit, it’s a problem
Complex 3, look at my bright future
Now tell me your complex, chyeah
All eight counties in Korea are so old-fashioned, they all imitateme, good
Because of my cool accent, Busan has become Hollywood now
My location is Yeongdeungpo block 1, where you can see the Han River
Not everyone can come up to Seoul, why dude? Wanna get something from me?

When everyone else was busy growing, I was busy making things happen
When other people were asleep, I was insomniac to better my skills
So even if my height didn’t grow much, my voice is like Ha Seung Jin^
In Korea, you win everything if you have a loud voice
My experience act as heel inserts that enable me to see farther than you
To jump high, I tie my shoelaces super tight
The sole of my feet are shinier and jumpier than before
I knock on wood saying, “I’m awesome, asoorabalbalta”
My wide forehead that shows potential
It will shine brighter when I age, my shine
The meaning of my v-neck tee that I wear all four season is
The winning feeling, victory
You sons of bitches, what are your complexes?
Look at me who is rude and ugly
Narrow shoulders, skinny figure and low nose
Anyone can tell that a loser grabbed the mic
Then my raging crazy urge says, I am good at something too!
My show on this track that is pouring flows
It ain’t Nike but at least Nice
I’m wild, and I sting
I block your mouth with my skill that is like a poisonous needle
Yeah I’m just gonna mess it all up and forget it
To the superiors, an awesome voyage that Usopp, not Luffy is on^^
Whomever you are, if you block me, I’m gonna ram into you
With my two friends, a crocodile on our chests
Imma level up until I become LV
The public’s interest, rivalry, love – all of them to me!

^Ha Seung Jin is a very tall Korean basketball player who plays in the Korean Basketball League
^^Usopp and Luffy are characters from the comic book/animation, “One Piece”

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