Electroboyz – Cried For A Long Time (한참을 울었어)

Tears drop drop drop, for a long time, drop drop drop, I cried

Now I’m so used to you that other peoples’ touch is so awkward
I can’t go on with any one else if it’s not you
Still in my room are traces of your scent and your pictures
Traces of you are still so strong

Why did it end up like this? I really don’t know
From where did we go wrong?
I deny it – I wish it was a dream
I pray to the gods, I want to turn back time

I cried for a long time – drop drop drop – tears fall
I shouted out to you – drop drop drop – in case you can hear me
I ask you to come back, that I’m having such a hard time
That I’m crying every single day, that I don’t know what to do

No no no, this isn’t the end
Lie, lie lie, all of this is a lie
Please don’t go, don’t go, don’t go – don’t leave me
Don’t leave me, I’m so scared

I thought breakups were only on TV
I hoped that it would never be the story of you and me
How could you do me wrong, said that you will love long
I tried to pretend to be okay but honestly, I was in pain
I walked and walked but was in the same place
I thought that you would come back if I called and called
Don’t say useless things like it’s over for us
Just say it baby, come back to me

I hope this isn’t the end – please say something
This can’t be the end – the times that we loved
I hope this isn’t the end – please give me one more chance
This can’t be the end – I can’t let you go

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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