Piggy Dolls (feat. Simon D) – What Is Love (사랑이 뭐길래)

I love you so much, my heart cries again
After we broke up, only tears are left

The words that you said to me while looking at me, the cold words
Are we really over?

The habit of pouring alcohol every night in my lonely glass
I imagine it over and over again, the moment we broke up
The words, I love you?
I choke up that I don’t wanna say it anymore
Even if I ventilate, your scent still remains in this room
I want to see the end of this awful relationship
Whenever I meet you, I let go of myself
Walking separately in time that has stopped
The link between us has eventually rotten

*What is love? What is love?
That it keeps hurting me
My heart is in pain and it keeps aching
It keeps hurting me that I’m about to go crazy
Enough of love (oh oh oh oh)
Enough of love (oh oh oh oh)

I call out your name, tears fall
Our loving memories keep hurting me

Let’s never break up – the promise that you made with me
It’s a lie, a lie

I’d regret while hitting the wall, when I turn around
Just like this, say good bye
Even if sadness swirls in me
Just like before, only time will console us
Cause as of now, I don’t see a future, never

Love is pain, after a few days
Love is pain, when time passes by
Good bye Good bye


What is love that
Who are you that
No No, my only you
Love, love, make my heart about to burst
What is love


What is love, what is love that…

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