HaHa, Esther – A Guy Like You (너따위가)

*I don’t need a guy like you anymore

Are you sick of me?
You stepped on my love that I have been waiting for – who are you to do that?
I know guys like you, go away
Shut up and listen
Don’t interrupt and listen
It’ll be quick so stop whining
Just like how you’ve done everything the way you wanted so far
Okay, let’s say everything you said is right
Just like always
Yeah like you said, I’m selfish and inconsiderate
Do you really think we were in love?
Look at where we’ve come now
You knew it, right? That we’ll end up like this
Let me walk away, let me go girl
It all started from your mind and lips
Don’t say no more
Do whatever you want to, I’m exhausted
I’m fed up with it, I’m going crazy
I don’t need you anymore, go wherever you want to
Eh eh eh, I’m sick of it, eh eh eh
Let’s quit now, stop acting stupid for something so obvious
You and I both have changed
Let’s not stay up all night for something with an obvious answer
Talk after talk and fights
And cornering each other saying “What’s so great about you?”
Please let me go
You’re gonna do whatever you want anyway
Let me go
We broke up and make up like a habit
And meaningless 3-years have passed by already
Even if we love with all our might
There’s only one answer
Either we break up or walk that road together
My love is exhausted, sick of it, frustrated that I’m about to go crazy
I can’t do it like this, leave

Eh eh eh, I’m sick of it, eh eh eh
Baby go away, let’s cut off our Love


Eh eh eh, I’m sick of it, eh eh eh
I don’t trust you, eh eh eh
I’m sick of it, eh eh eh

Let’s break up

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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