Kim Jo Han, Lee Joon and Mir (of MBLAQ) – Do You Remember (기억하나요)

* Do you remember our love?
Back then, we endured through our pain together
Although now, nothing remains
I still remember on that kiss on that white snowy day

On nights with the first snow, I see you
Where are you? Did you only love me?
Please hold onto me – nights without you are so lonely
I wish you were in as much pain as I am
I don’t know why I acted like such a fool
I still remember the days we fought
I hope you know that my foolish grumblings weren’t what I truly meant

* repeat

Endlessly, tears drop
Now I must brush them off
Yes, I need to stand up
I look at myself and tell myself not to be stupid
I comfort myself saying, “you never wanted this”
I push out all the things I hoped for, all of our memories
Yes, let’s hold it in – but I keep getting filled with you
I think I’ll go crazy, I think I’ll go insane
Girl, I don’t think I can go on without you

* repeat

I still cannot forget you
And every night, with thoughts of you
I am walking on this path alone
Step by step, alone
Are you are somewhere else (somewhere else)
With someone else (someone else) that isn’t me (isn’t me) and in love?
Please don’t be in love

* repeat

You are a fool
You are a wave
Though my heart shakes
I live in you

You are a fool
You are a wave
Though my heart shakes
I live in you

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