Two Months (투개월) – The Romantic (The Romantic OST)

The sunlight through the windows
Especially shines on one person
Is that person the one?

Should I approach you and start talking to you?
Should I wait and just steal glances?
But at that moment
The moment I saw you, I had a feeling

* I think I am in love
Naively, my cheeks turn red again
As I see you, I start to smile
The tips of my small mouth are hanging around my ears

** I imagine things alone
Like you hugging me
Only you (loveable you)
Our love, The Romantic

As much as I can draw you out even when I close my eyes
I have filled you up in my two eyes
But why do I keep missing you?

When I suddenly think of you as I walk on the street (suddenly think of you)
Like an insane person,
Without knowing, laughter comes out of my mouth

* repeat

** repeat

As if I’m walking on the cloud
I feel like I can fly
Finally, I have held your hand
Please be with me forever so I won’t let go

I will tell you that I love you
So that everyone in the world can hear
From your head to your toes
I like you

** repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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