Monday Kiz – Maybe It Is (Original: 김형중 – 그랬나봐)

On a night where a lot of us are gathered
And you’re not there in your usual spot
When I smell your scent that I like
And turn around wishing it was you

When I keep thinking about your face
Whenever I pass by your neighborhood coincidentally

*Maybe it is, maybe I like you
I think about you everyday
I wanted to be brave and call you and tell you that I miss you, t
hat I can treat you really well
But it’s hard to do
Like a fool

When I wait for you all night in front of my computer screen
After coincidentally finding out your email address


Do you know the unspeakable hopeless feeling
The love that I have waited for a long time,
is breathing right in front of me


You always make me dream
To be a better man than what I am right now
I practice at this moment as I come to meet you
The words that I have hidden in my heart for the longest time
I love you

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

One thought on “Monday Kiz – Maybe It Is (Original: 김형중 – 그랬나봐)

  1. Hello, could you translate other Kim Hyung Joong’s song? It is “그런 사람이 있습니다”, or the English title is “There was a man”. Thank you^^


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