Simon D & Lady Jane – 6:30 (여섯시 반)

It hasn’t been that long since we started fighting
Like this, we have once again lost our way
These days, I long for the days when I used to be alone
The way to meet you feels so long, 100 kilo
Each step I take feels so heavy, 100 kilo
I don’t need any kind of comfort or pity right now
I just want to go back, before the time of you

* I hurt to the point of right before death and I cried as much as I was in pain
Are you getting exhausted like I am to the point where I can see the end?

But tears don’t even fall – I’m just sleepy
I can’t even hear the clapping noise – my two hands won’t come together
I don’t see a reason to hug you
We came too far to turn things back
Just slap me on the cheek so I can just go home quickly
I didn’t sleep much at the thought of breaking up with you
You can keep that ring, it’s pretty expensive
I don’t care if you sell your heart again, it’s already used anyway

Leave me alone (isn’t this enough? I did enough)
Leave me alone (I’m sorry, I’m sorry, okay?)
Now I’m sick and tired of everything, what more can I be sorry for?

Since it’s an already dying candle, even if we turn it off with our hands
It won’t hurt at all because there are so many scars on top of it
I lost – I tried to win over you but
I’m like the clock hands that point to 6:30 – I put everything down

* repeat

When you said we should meet today, that’s when I knew that we were only up till here
As if time stopped, our lips coldly meet and freeze together

I don’t want you back in my life anymore
I do want you to let it go – don’t look back, just keep on walking

How much more do I have to hurt to erase this moment?
You are already that much farther away – to the point where you won’t come back

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