A Pink (Feat. Yong Jun Hyung of BEAST) – Sky High (하늘 높이)

Even if I run out of breath, I want to keep going
I know I can’t stop but I want to do it

* Don’t lose strength and hold my hand
It’s the beginning now, take the world
Let me go (oh) go (oh)

** Shout out to the sky, so you can fly higher
So you can go further
Try to catch me, faster with a limitless speed

*** Oh so you can fly high high high high high high higher
So you can fly far far far far far far farther

Though it’s hard sometimes, oh no
Though you break down and cry, oh yeah
Have some strength toward the world again, right now, right now

* Repeat

** Repeat

*** Repeat

Namjoo is all ready, don’t compare me with others, I’m different
Let’s get number one, let’s run, there’s no time to rest, I’m faster than you
On this stage for you, I’m a new hit sniper prepared with style
Don’t worry and follow me, throw everything up sky high

Even if you break down, get up again, oh
Even if you fall down, don’t stop, oh
Fly sky high oh, fly high, oh

** Repeat

*** Repeat

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