Gang Kiz – I Don’t Want To Know Goodbye (난 이별을 모를래요)

Tears flow and my two eyes close
Don’t say that this is goodbye
Faintly, you grow farther away
Feels like I can catch you but I can’t
Beacuse it’s you, again today, I only shed tears

I don’t want to know goodbye, I don’t want to know
Wasn’t it you who promised that there would be no sadness?

* I love you, how can we break up?
Can you hear me? I miss you like crazy
So how can I forget you? How can I erase you?
I would live each day in tears

Slowly I close my eyes and wipe away my tears
I wipe away my longing for you

But it still doesn’t work, this thing called love
The more I try to forget, the more I think about it and long for it

* Repeat

I’m sorry that I can’t forget you
I still only love you and want you
Even if I love again, even if I meet someone else
There is no one like you

credit: pop!gasa

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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