PSY (Feat. LeeSsang, Kim Jin Pyo) – Seventy Seven 101 (77학개론)


Warning: This song is rated R for sexual content and explicit language.

December 31, 1977 Park Psy
December 24, 1977 Gil Sung Joon
August 13, 1977 Kim Jin Pyo
February 24, 1978 Kang Gary

I actually try not to look young for my age
The infallible high schooler, who was a wanderer that looked for a one night stand with a college girl
Having beer with dried pollack, cigarettes and a lighter, soju mixed with Pocari – that’s the best
Going with the flow, I go to the video room, high off the atmosphere
But I can’t watch the video – slurp slurp, that’s salty – the movie ends
The chaotic scribbles, I use my youth without holding back, just by the pretty girl touching, I just use it up
Don’t speak to me with a hard tone, you’re the one who made me hard
My first cigarette was electrigying, my first kiss was sweet
My first sex was intense
At first, I was perplexed as I started the things that made my heart flutter
But now, I’m used to it all

* Do you Remember Do you Remember
Back then, everything made my heart race
Do you Remember Do you Remember
But now, I’m just used to everything, oh no

** Inside the passing time (inside)
I can’t find myself (I can’t)
Please look back at me, look back at me
Because we are still young

When I see pretty girls, I say they’re all my hoes
“Did you sleep with her?” Of course, without a doubt
I’m a smooth talker, getting closer inch by inch
I have tons of experience and I’m not picky
But in truth, they’re all red hot lies
In reality, I bought the film, “Red Muffler” at a store
Even during wild scenes, we still fap fap fap
And one more thing, hip hop hop hop
Pooped pants, wide-leg pants, up to the waist
We unreasonably kick everyone off the street
We walk with a limp, to the rhythm
We’re rejected to the Moon Nightclub and we light a cigarette
But when I say tick tock, get on stop
When I say ladi dadi, we like to party
When I say oh eh oh, oh eh oh eh oh

* Repeat

** Repeat

One day, Seotaiji and boys came out and became popular
They captivated the hearts of teens with their music and dance
When school ends, I take my double deck music player
Bring it to the playground and dance, which was the end of my day
Rich guys wore Calvin Klein or Guess
Poor guys just all talk or break down
If they didn’t listen, I fucking beat them
Back then, just giving people fear solved everything
I wore disco pants and point Aladdin shoes every day to the tea house
If I catch eyes with someone, I’ll have a girlfriend from a different town and introduce her to my friends
It’s an olympic that’s held as we all pass a pack of cigarettes
After talking with my friends, I realize we’re all in the same boat
Just smile – that first kiss with the girl on that rainy night
Like that, everything became longing

Yeah- Yeah- Yeah-
Yeah- Yeah- Yeah-
Back in those days

* Repeat

** Repeat


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