C-CLOWN – Destiny (우연이야)

I know this is wrong, but I never knew that we would end up like now
Who would of guessed that I would see you, right there, before me
I know there’s no excuse for this girl so, I guess it was destiny

The moment I left the house, it didn’t feel right
My style and my hair that usually turns out great, doesn’t look good today

From my head to my toes, every single thing is not good
It feels strange, I feel nervous, what is this?

Something doesn’t feel right today
My head is swaying a bit today
I don’t get it, why is my heart beating and piercing at twice the speed?
I don’t usually sweat but I’m wiping it off today (did I see something else?)
No it can’t be you – it looked like you so I wanted to disappear – oh please
I passed by you discreetly but with our relationship, I just can’t do that – it’s destiny

* It was destiny
Why now of all times?
When a different girl, not you, is standing by my side?
It was destiny
Why today of all times?
I knew something didn’t feel right today

** OH oh oh oh oh
De de de destiny
OH oh oh oh oh
De de de destiny (x2)

I just stopped in place (the moment I saw you, I froze)
I couldn’t say anything (my mouth did not move)

I hoped this moment would pass
I want to go back to before I met you

I don’t know what I was thinking
This situation became uncomfortable
It seems like this was all planned out, a scripted reality
I didn’t plan on this happening but I got caught
Now I’m lost, I want to change it all
How can I reach you from far
Now I beg to you, who has turned away but
Once your heart starts to fall, it falls endlessly like dominos

* Repeat

** Repeat

I swear under the moonlight
I won’t ever do that again

I’m sorry, I only have you

(Im on ma knees baby listen to me
Not any other girl but your the only one for me)

So Sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry
Ah ah ah ah ah
Sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry
Ah ah ah ah ah
So Sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry
Ah ah ah ah ah
Sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry
So so sorry sorry sorry

* Repeat

** Repeat



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