BoA – Hope (네모난 바퀴)

I’ve never gone lightly, I always stood there, scrunched up
They’re looking at me, pointing fingers and laughing
They always made fun of me because I looked different

Though the wind blows and the dust settles
Though the rain pours and drenches me miserably
I always try to roll around – each time I take a step, the traces are left deeper and clearer

* Pointy and good-for-nothing square wheel, if you cut off the adversity, it will become round
The day I spread my broken wings, I will run strongly to the hill

Yes, I’m hopeful – these tears shall dry yeah

My hardships don’t look nice and are slow but I will silently endure and overcome
I will perfect myself and clash once again

I dream of looking at a large meadow and if it crumbles slowly and the speed catches on
Even I, who was ridiculed, will smile widely as I look confidently to the world

* Repeat

These tears shall dry

In these long sufferings that will wear out between the rocks
I will be born again – I just think about that
The moment I am blessed in the green forest filled with flowers
It will find me as well so I will find myself too

* Repeat

Yes, I’m hopeful, I will find myself, these tears shall dry yeah

I’m hopeful

These tears shall dry yeah

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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