Super Junior – Haru (하루)

I’m feeling this for the first time baby
This kind of love is a first baby
The person that makes my heart rush
My love, who resembles me – it’s you

The more I see you, the more I miss you
The person who will only be by my side
My girlfriend, whom anyone can say is pretty
My love, who resembles me – it’s you

I can find you even with my eyes closed
The one and only in this world
I will protect you baby

* In your day, in my day, since we’re both there, everything is beautiful to me

When you and I are in love, when you and I kiss
This feeling is sweeter than cake,
The sound of your breath is so thrilling

When you and I hug and fall asleep, when you and I wake up together
You come into my arms and whisper in my ear

I’ll prepare everything for you, you just need to receive it
I will give you everything baby

* Repeat

You always lift your head to look up at me
I take my big hands and cup your cheeks and you freeze
I want to give you an Eskimo kiss
I want to go everywhere and anywhere with you ma little girlfriend
Before that, I’ll go next to you, I’ll run to you anytime as you please
Every day, I’ll pat you and caress you
You and me, we’ll have fun and be in love baby

* Repeat (x2)


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