Kara – Pandora

Up and up ah ah
Up and up ah ah

You can’t hide it – your eyes are shaking
Your heart is beating because I’m strangely looking at you
The rough breaths stimulates your sense of touch
Crush crush

Hold on, stop right there and look at me
I will show you all of my hidden truths now
Capture my heart, feel me

* Close to you and close to you
I will give you everything – do you see me?
Close to me and close to me
Take me
Up and up ah ah
Up and up ah ah
Up and up ah ah

This isn’t the end, you still don’t know
I haven’t even shown you half of me
Move me and my secrets inside
Crush crush

How is it? Don’t scare yourself with your clumsy judgment and run away
Don’t let go of my hand because of your unskilled judgment
Now get to know my everything, feel me

* Repeat

Did you see? Then that’s that – what more can I do?
I am approaching you – closer, a bit closer
Stress – I give you everything but you still can’t do it
What do you expect? next time
You can’t come, you can’t leave, you just go round and round
The countdown is starting, time is ticking

I waited for a while, I hoped it was you
I pray that it is perfect – feel me

* Repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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