G-Dragon (Feat. ? of YG New Girl Group) – In The End / Eventually (결국)

Love is painful, although love is painful
I repeat it like a fool, that’s what I always do
But pain is beautiful It’s same as you
Hope turns into disappointment, hope turns into despair
The deeper love grows, the deeper the pain gets
I make the mistake of thinking and hoping it’ll be different this time

In the end, how many years would have passed? There is no such thing as forever
In the end, were we never meant to be? I am alone again
Barely, barely, barely – I thought I only barely found true love
But in the end, in the end, it ends like this

* My heart is just like the first time but now it’s filled with scars because of you
We keep changing – At your cold voice, I cool down too
We grown so far apart to turn things back, to linger around each other without any feelings
It was so hard that I gifted you with separation and after turning around, I’m fallin without you

In the end, whose fault was it? There is no such thing as love
In the end, is breaking up, losing? I’m tired and I fall asleep
Barely, barely, barely – Is this point barely our last?
In the end, in the end, are we becoming strangers again?

* Repeat

Ye I’m fallin’ without you hey

Let’s go
I didn’t know at first – I liked her empty spot
But after a day or two, I would appreciate her
I didn’t know about myself, I thought I could live well without you
Tomorrow will be different from today – it’s already been 1, 2 years
As much as the hardships of those times, my lingering attachments increase
I pray that things will change as time passes
For you my baby

* Repeat

Ye I’m fallin’ without you

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