Psy – Sae / Bird (새)

Note: “Sae dwessuh” means “I’m screwed.” Here is the explanation: “Sae” means “bird” in Korean (“dwessuh” means “to become”). Another word for “bird” is “jo” in Korean. So when you say “jo dwessuh” it sounds like “jot dwessuh,” which means “I’m f-cked.” Since that is too profane, Psy changed it to “sae,” hence making his song safe for broadcast. The expression “sae dwessuh” is widely used now but no one really said it before Psy released this song.

You, you’re so pretty that I’m always marching toward you
You might wear your rubber shoes backwards^ some day but you’re still so cute
Your empty head is filled with cigarette smoke
You have spunk for smoking anywhere you want
You’re hardcore for fixing your makeup anywhere you are
But still you care about how others see you, how others hear you, how others talk about you whether it be loud or small
I still like you but I hate you but you’re so pretty
But you make me so mad, you’re a senorita
No matter what anyone says, I will only follow you
You’re my own Mona Lisa
I’m gonna change everything soon, I’m gonna possess you

* What are you asking me for? Asking for my soul? Want me to be strong? What do you want from me, huh?
In one moment, I am screwed – you are a beautiful Venus
You’re wishy-washy, coming to and fro – you play with me day and night
In one moment, I am screwed – you are a beautiful Venus
I only looked at you but you dumped me – I’m completely screwed

Are you scared or are you just dirty? Or are you playing hard to get because you like me? Are you putting on a show or what?
Are you playing with me right now? Am I not good enough for you but too good to give to someone else?
You 10-cent girl^^

Are you laughing right now? You’re so cold to me
First, when you meet someone, just look at the person
You measure out and calculate the length and width, in all directions when you date someone
But if you do that, you’ll be punished – if you don’t know that, you’re stupid
The words you spit out without much thought are like waves in my heart
If you’ve been playing me, I will knock you down
I will catch you and I will punish you
If you’ve been real with me then your every move will be my treasure for eternity
Oh feel me?

* Repeat

I held it in as much as I could, I went as far as I could, I did as much as I could
I did everything for you limitlessly, endlessly
But you went too far and completely crushed me
I’m getting so mad, I can’t do this anymore
Now I know – you pretend you have though you really don’t
You pretend to know though you really don’t
You use your smiling eyes to settle all situations
You’re so hateful and disgusting, you’re the captain of all things repulsive
I’m gonna watch over you for all eternity to see how great of a guy you meet and how great of a life you live
Keep in mind, you think you’re all that and play hard to get but one day, you’re gonna taste your own medicine
Keep in mind and keep in mind again, and watch out for your back

How can I tell you how I feel? How can I hold onto you?
Will you meet someone better than me? I’m really scared, I really hate this
Please don’t leave me, I don’t want to be alone anymore (I really hate this)
I’m completely screwed

^ Korean idiom that signifies a woman who leaves or cheats on her man. This originates from an ancient Korean story about a woman who was caught cheating on her husband and when she tried to run away, she was in such a hurry that she put on her rubber shoes backwards.
^^ 10-cents is “ship-won” in Korean, which almost sounds like the cuss word, “f-ck.”

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