Epik High (Feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo) – You Don’t Deserve Her (아까워)

Drop the sticks. Bring in the lips.

Listen, girl.
Those guys that are princes only to your eyes
Those guys that are cold like snowmen
Those fakes – they are all like cloudy night skies, nothing really to see
You laugh so they keep making bad jokes, you let them off easy so their manners get bad
Even if they’re good-looking, you have to keep watching them
Temperament is different from being nice
For you, integrity is a valuable gift, an extravagance that wraps around you
They only have witty words (blah blah) and no actions (haha)
Even if he’s a luxury, you’re a different dimension
If you keep being stubborn, all you’re left with are tears and tissues

* Why don’t you know? Being next to that guy
Being that guy’s girl, doing that kind of love –
Girl, you’re too good for that

** What exactly are you lacking that you meet that kind of guy?
You don’t have to be my girl, I just think you’re way too good for that

His heart is like a heap of ruins with no love, only filled with sharp nails
It’s obvious he will cut you and scar you
Why bother? Even if you hold out your hand, all you’ll get is smoke and your eyes will water
Just fall down coolly, don’t sway around – what do you want? His insides are like an empty garage
You’re in the darkness, come out before the fear grows bigger – why are you blanking standing there?
Hurry and look into a mirror – why can’t you see what others can see?
Your level is different, your heels are different, he is too short for you
Even if he steals your heart, he is a pick-pocketer but I’m Robin Hood
If you drag it out long, it’ll be like a short film but I’m like Hollywood
So baby come to me, just be my girl, if I’m not the one, then well, just not him

* Repeat

*** Baby, you’re still young, there are a lot of good guys
So not him, not anyone
Baby, you’re still young, there are a lot of good guys
So not him

** Repeat

*** Repeat

Well, just saying that you’re too good for that

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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