Epik High – Villain / The Bad Guy (악당)

* In movies, I like the villains more, I like the perverse more than the heroes
I’m the bad guy
When meeting girls, I’m attracted to the bad ones, I like the mean ones more than the angelic ones
All the bad girls… say goodnight to the bad guy.

The world is mine, there’s not enough for my greed
Who cares if I’m crazy for ambition? I’m Tony Montana1
I expand my willpower with pride, a sinner who uses his brains
Like Bane2, who cuts off the bat-like wings of dreams
I won’t trap myself in bias, like Hannibal Lecter3 who swallows up your ears with just his voice
A villain who only goes after villains, it’s sickening
Like Dexter4 who makes evil look like good

I don’t just spend money… I kill bills.

* Repeat

There’s zero yielding but so much greed
If you don’t give me your ears, I’ll take it away like Gordon Gekko5
I don’t need money but I’ll bloom when you give me your soul
My mouth rips into a smile when things become a mess like the Joker6
I’m a mo mo mo mo monster, I become like John when I’m summoned
This or that, make a mess and watch the disorder
Throw away dignity and the gentle rules of the world
Even if I wear a suit, I’m like Vincent or Jules7

* Repeat

Controlling me is impossible, it’s only a waste of time for you
I can’t be beat by a few kids, I’m a mature Magneto8
Changing your face is your loss, why try so hard?
I’ll ruin you with a smile like Castor Troy9
I get excited when I see people gossip behind closed doors
I find out who they are and write down their names to finish them like Kira10
Though I hate them, I keep my enemies close and watch them
I can finish them at anytime like Don Corleone11

DJ play me something funky mang funk funky mang funk funky mang, hey!
DJ play me something funky mang funk funky mang funk funky mang, hey!

I like this noisy stage, I play like a villain
The heroes may come together and attack but I’m not scared, I cannot be low-key
I can only feel refreshed by clashing and fighting
The law is like my sandbag, call me Tyler Durden12
I don’t care, whether you’re a kid or an adult, I will spit fire your way
I limp across the beat with a flow like Keyser Soze13
Ole! A dark force overflows in my entire body like Darth Vader14
I’m your father but I’m also one bad mutha

Haters can’t breathe.

* Repeat

1From the film, “Scarface”
2Villain in Batman series
3From the “Hannibal” series
4From the TV series, “Dexter”
5From the film, “Wall Street”
6Villain in Batman series
7From the film, “Pulp Fiction”
8From the “X-Men” series
9From the film, “Face Off”
10From the manga, “Death Note”
11From the “Godfather” series
12From the film, “Fight Club”
13From the film, “The Usual Suspects”
14From the “Star Wars” series

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

3 thoughts on “Epik High – Villain / The Bad Guy (악당)

  1. I wonder if it also references “the world is not enough” (It’s supposedly James Bond’s family’s motto)… but he’s a “good” guy… but his only redeeming quality is his loyalty to the crown.


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