Kim Jong Gook – Don’t Leave Me (떠나가지마)

Don’t leave, don’t speak of separation
Don’t do this, don’t do this
I can’t do this anymore, anymore
So I try to erase your name, your name
I try to spit out this longing, this longing
But there’s no use, I can’t do it

* Right here, right here
Is where you should be
Right by my side, right by my side
Is where I should feel you
I need to touch you, I need to hear you, for sure
We need to love again, again

We were happy, it was so good
But why, but why
Did you leave? I try to endure through with memories
And I try to smile, try to smile but it hurts
I miss you, I miss you but I can’t see you
So there’s no use, only my heart wears out

* Repeat

How can there be such a thing as breaking up because of love?
If you’re scared that you might hate love
Just until the strength to break up, the strength to leave
Runs out, just till then…

Right here, right there
Is where you should be smiling
Only in my arms, only in my arms
Is only where you should be
Don’t be happy, don’t be well, if you leave
If it’s not me, if it’s not me

* Repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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