Lee Jae Hoon – Should’ve Hated You (미워할 걸 그랬죠)

I should’ve met someone and lived my life before I met you
Then the saying “the first love can never be fulfilled”
Wouldn’t have been our story

I shouldn’t have said that we would be forever
If only I loved you a little less
The saying “if love is too big, it will hurt”
Would have avoided us too

* I have let you go like this and I’m blaming my heart
Saying that it’s my fault for loving you so much
But what my heart really regrets is
Still having the love for you that I couldn’t give to you before

If we meet again, let’s not love too much
Let’s hate each other a little too
If we hide our love from the skies
Maybe we can be together then

* Repeat

It’s my fault for loving you too much
It’s my fault for only knowing you
Even though I hate you, I can’t see you

If I can turn back time and be with you
I wouldn’t lie and say that I don’t like you
But I’ll probably be the same in the next world
I know that I love you so much that I only have you

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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