Park Gyu Ri (KARA) – Daydream (백일몽)

As if my heart is burnt black, the darkness falls
I try to hide my clearly visible scar, which has opened up more
Our shattered love is sharply cutting into me like this
With flowing tears, my broken heart is painfully calling out to you

I trapped in the bad name of memories so though I try to erase you
I can’t run away, I can’t escape and I only see you in the darkness

* I am walking in a dream, in a dream – you came to me without permission
I hurt so much, so much but you shake me up again
In my dream, in my dream, I am crying because I can’t hold onto you or go after you
Then I wake up in tears

My held back tears are hotly falling and I bite down on my lips
Without a sound, the cold moonlight shines on me from far away

As if I’m caught in a spider web, the more I move around, the more my throat closes with longing
As if it ridicules me, as if it’ll swallow me, darkness splits open and holds me

* Repeat

Why do you come find me without failing? Please stop now
I block you and block you but it doesn’t work
Every night, I hear you in my dreams
Then I wake up in tears

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