ALi – Selfish (이기적이야)


When you don’t even know your own heart, there’s no way I can know
How are you expecting and telling me that I should know?
Do you expect me to truly love you?
Is that why you’re telling me how you feel?
Using texts, SNS, Internet, all these connections?

We held hands and spent the night together
But I can’t become your lover
It’s selfish

* Wave my hands bye bye
I have no attachments, good bye
I don’t like this anymore, bye bye
I don’t care about our relationship anymore
Leave me, bye bye
Get far away from my life
A relationship in a gray area does not suit me
You’re too good for my heart

As much as I get older, I get lonely
My empty heart is as wider than the sky
If someone hits on me, I quickly give them my heart
They steal glances at me and ask if I have time
After a cup of coffee, I press the next button as we hold hands

Tell me, until when are you going to feign innocence?
Exactly who are you comparing me with?
It’s selfish

* Repeat

Tell Me the Truth
Your heart
Tell Me your Heart
Is headed toward me
Tell Me the Truth
Don’t avoid it
Because my love is cooling

* Repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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