Junho Feat. Taecyeon (of 2PM) – My Way To You (너에게 가는 길) 7th Level Civil Servant OST


* I love you forever, although I can’t say anything on my way to you
I’ll be your strength, I’ll protect you, I love you
When you’re tired and struggling, you can always lean on me, forever it’s only you
I am always by your side, forever with you

I love you, on my way to you
Thank you, all that I so wanna give you

I love you, line by line, I’ll write this love letter as I think of you
Toward you, I say I do, I say ah, what can I do? I go crazy when I see you
Whatever I do, I can only see you, so what can I do? It grows even bigger
My love for you – it’s more beautiful than a ring or a rose
More than anything else that exists in the world, I thank you

I love you I need you I want you
The more I think of you, the more my heart pounds
I want you, I wish for you, will you come to me?
My heart toward you, I’ll show it to you now
You and me, till the end of this world, let’s be together

* Repeat

You’re like the warm sunlight, you shine a light next to me that’s brighter than the stars
You warmly melt my frozen heart, my heart toward you endlessly grows
Tomorrow more than today, the day after tomorrow more than tomorrow
Each of my days get brighter because of you
But because my days are so short, I fall asleep in front of you, and I’m on my way to you

* Repeat

First love, on my way to you


3 thoughts on “Junho Feat. Taecyeon (of 2PM) – My Way To You (너에게 가는 길) 7th Level Civil Servant OST”

  1. Aww, you guys have all the songs except for the one I’m looking for. If you happen to know that instrumental theme music that plays when Do Ha breaks into Gil Ro’s house AND it plays again before Gil Ro and Kyung Ja kiss, then please please contact me. Its like a silly flute melody. Please and thanks :D


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