K.Will & Chakun – Even If I Play (놀아도)


I don’t know what’s going on
I’m so lost.. Come back to me now

* After you left, I became like this – I still can’t believe it
Your empty spot becomes bigger to me
After you left, I became like this – I still can’t believe it
I play all night but I can’t forget you like a fool

I don’t want to do anything
I guess I’m hurting because of you
Is love this easy to you?
I didn’t know, I am a fool now

What went wrong with me? I don’t even know why you left and a lot of time as passed now
But why am I being so stupid? I really don’t know
I’m still longing for the memories, the CDs and videos that we watched together
Each night without you is so long, please save me

** I play every day, I play mindlessly
But I keep thinking of you, why do I keep thinking of you?
I play every day, I play like crazy
In the end, I became alone, making my heart hurt

The single stemmed rose that I gave you last night
I didn’t know that would be a sign of farewell
What you said to me last night
That we should break up, that you don’t like me, that I should just go

You are telling me to go now, but what about our memories?
I remain here alone, drawing you out as I fall asleep so I guess I’ll dream of you again
I play, I drink but at some point, tears are flowing down my face
Without you, there’s no point, please come back to me

** Repeat

I try to deceive myself, saying that it’s nothing, saying that I’ll be ok
But I guess I can’t hide it, I can’t help it
I can’t go on without you, for a guy like me, it’s really only you

* Repeat

* Repeat

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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