Seo In Gook (Feat. Verbal Jint) – I Can’t Live Because Of You (너 땜에 못살아)


Call me late at night, it’s okay if you bother me
If you say “Where are you? Come to me,” I’ll fly over
I’ll give my golden Friday night to you
I can’t say it any other way, I will just show it all to you

Oh girl, you’re my ideal type, I’m totally ready
To give you everything girl because the fact that you showed up in my life
Is the greatest happening girl, you’ are my favorite accident
Please know that you’re my focus, whenever, wherever

* I can’t live because of you, I can’t live because of you
I’ve fallen so deeply for you, who makes fireworks erupt in my heart – do you know?
Even if you get mad, angry and irritated, you are pretty, whatever you do, you’re pretty
I love you because you’re you

Give me you, give me your heart if I beg for it
“What? I can’t hear you” – you pretend not to hear me
You pretend to ignore it and pretend you don’t know
But then in my ears, you whisper “I love you,” you’re so pretty

You pretended not to know but I think you read my eyes,
Which were earnestly saying ‘Answer Me,” because of you, my heart feels anxious
Because of you, I melt like the March snow
Everywhere I go, I see your face
I really can’t live because of you

* Repeat

Oh my god, I can’t live because of you
Even your scrunched up face is so loveable, what do I do?
I want to hug you, all of you

You’re pretty because you’re you
I only have you because you’re you
You are my love

I live because of you, I live because of you
The reason why I love you is just you – will you promise me?
That you will stay by my side just like you are doing now so that I can love you?
One more time, I love you, love you

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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