Gaeko (of Dynamic Duo) – Rhythm Is Life (될 대로 돼라고 해)


I’m G A E K O
I’m like the trustworthy glove of Oh Seung Hwan^
My heavy fastball flow makes a fool out of the batter
I’m a guy, crazy for the playground called music
I’ll reject it – a phobia of self-reproduction
I may be a cotton ball that absorbs the current trends
But when you squeeze it, all that comes out is the sweat of effort
From a stick-skinny body, a deep resolution gushes out
A good performance comes from diligence and honesty
The results show that we’re always on the top of the charts
A girl’s fantasy, a rich mine field, flashing senses, a money-raking business
I’m like the soda that breaks apart indigestion that comes from bad music, right
When the rookies keep buzzing, my ears are deafened and I get a headache
After seeing our performance, people get sick and their shoulders get sore
I’m a married man with feeling – when you see me, you’ll burn up like a mother’s backbone
Music is my playground, I’m like a mischievous child, running around and playing all night

* Let’s dance like a future liger^^
Let me play – what are you doing right now?
If you have nothing to do, come out
Today, just say let it be
Today, just say let it be

I’m a singing Hong Gil Dong,^^^ going from Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu to Busan and turn
Read the palms of the audience and come down after singing the last song
Because of my energetic and delicious voice, people binge eat and ask for an extra noodles
Old people put in their hearing aids, and Broccoli Even You asks for an encore
This, this this is me, such a big difference
Double D’s half rapper
Criticize because it’ll become my colleague, my courage
Half voice sound, half air
Netizens who leave bad comments are only click with their fingers with judgment at dawn, becoming rotten zombies

* Repeat (x2)

My words are a bit rough, always at a dangerous level
Even if I don’t talk about swag, I’m above others
Because of my chilling voice, you will get cold
This is a grade A rap song, the most delicious part

Like a bird that migrates, people’s tastes will come and go with the trends
But because I’m like a magnet, everyone follows me like steel
Come to me, come to me, like Jun Jin^^^^
Bring a girl you know like Jang Jin^^^^^
My rap that says Jun Jin, Jang Jin, is a bit like honey cakes like Curbin ^^^^^^
Rhythm is life, life is rhythm
Rhythm is the oil that moves my laziness
The power of a positive rhythm of a nice guy has fulfilled my name
The fatal sound has been refined in the black darkness
Garion^^^^^^^ has made Hongdae, Shinchon and on top of the rhythm is Gaeko, let’s go get em

* Repeat (x2)

Feeling so good

^ Oh Seung Hwan is a relief pitcher for the Samsung Lions (Korean pro-baseball)

^^ In 2009, Yoo Jae Suk, Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae got together to form a group, “Future Liger” and released a song called “Let’s Dance.”

^^^ Hong Gil Dong is like the Korean Robin Hood.

^^^^ Jun Jin is a Shinhwa member – his name also literally translates to “go forward.”

^^^^^ Jang Jin is a movie director who directed “A Girl You Know” (which is also called “Someone Special”)

^^^^^^ Curbin was a member of CBMASS along with Gaeko and Choiza.

^^^^^^^ Garion is a hip-hop group created in 1998.


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