Teen Top – Missing You (니가 아니라서)


I guess I was mistook her for you because the back of her looked like you
When I see her, I keep thinking of you, your smile flickers before me
The way you talk that made me laugh, the perfume I gave to you
If I make her exactly like you and love her, will I be able to forget you?

Because of my guilt over this crash of emotions, I can’t look at you straight in the eye
Even if I avoid your eyes, it’s obvious that you’ll notice right away so I hurry and replace my eyes with truth-less eyes
I see her in you – I hate myself for being like this too but I can’t help it
I still want her and not you – my love changes once again
But it’s not the right time yet – you met me and you loved me
But there’s no truth in our love – the head is there but the heart isn’t
Our relationship is like a donut without the jelly inside

* Because she’s not you, I guess I wanted to make her into you
Because I miss you, I guess I wanted to make her resemble you more
Just one more night, just one more night, I want to find you in her
I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, I hope she can replace you

You still don’t know – you can have my body but you can’t have my heart
Our love song ain’t got no soul, it’s so cold
I give up, I’m sorry, please understand me for not being able to say I love you

Every time I miss you, I want to find her, I know I’m selfish but what can I do
Every time I miss your scent, I want to be hugged by her, I know I’m selfish but what can I do
She can’t be the same as you because I’ll keep thinking about you
But I still can’t help it, it’s too hard being on my own
Without you, I want to die

* Repeat

There’s no need for you to disappear but it’s not like you’ll come back anyway
Even if she can replace you, even if there is someone who can replace you
That person can’t be you and only I will hurt more

* Repeat


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