Ok Ju Hyun – Shadow Game (그림자 놀이)

359799I didn’t even know that you were exhausted
So I kept circling around you
Not hearing my troubled heart
Where are you hurrying out

Even if I follow you like a shadow
Did you forget all about me already, who are you looking at

*I was going to see you for just one day, just one day
But my steps are now lost where to go
I’m here, here
Deep down in your heart

Even if I sleep next to you
You cannot hug me
And in the mirror that you look at after dressing up, I’m the only one not there

Why do you look sad today, are you thinking about me
Upset about the love that wasn’t able to let go of the big break-up


Are you dreaming a good dream today
The smile that is spread across your lips
Even the mornings that are more hurtful if sweeter
Let’s forget about it for a bit

Let’s dream a long dream today
Your face that I miss even if I see it again and again
Because I can’t touch it with my finger tips
Even if I shout I love you, I love you
It get buried in deep inside the dark

Please remember how much I have loved you
I’m here here
Deep down inside the cabinet in a picture

I wait for you

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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