Double K – Rap Movement (랩운동)


Do you think Napoleon is considered a hero among the English and Spain people?
The standards that we set up and the public eye – it might be out of a fear of new things
Is this society the mirror that reflects ourselves?
If it is, what kind of face do you have right now?
Even if everyone calls you a good-for-nothing, don’t stop
Because what I believe in is everything
Rap, rap, rap movement
One, two, one, two
Two, two, one, two

I officially announce my candidacy for the mayor of the K-Pop industry
The name is Double K of the Hip-Hop party
I’ll take an oath for what I’m about to say
Hands in the air
Rap rhythmic gymnastics, “become a rap muscle man project” gathering
Participate, shout it out, break the silence
This is the new version of the 70s and 80s’ demonstrations, hey
The haters will be jealous
Rappers who put cash in their mouths are hushed up
But the audience that supports me demonstrates
I am conducting their performance from above
Crank up the power of your voice
The independence day of your thoughts, today is your 8.15
I’m a different leader who will open up a new generation
Trust in my rhythm, give me a vote, pick me

One, two, one, two
Rap, rap, rap movement
Two, two, one, two
Rap, rap, rap movement
One, two, one, two, one, two
Rap, rap, rap movement
Two, two, one, two, two, two, one, two
Rap, rap movement

I won’t succeed through connections, I can do well by myself
My rap goes on the news, it indicts the truth
Oppa’s style is Gangnam, it conquers the whole world
I need to be a high-ranking officer, I like women
I am the rap-elect, my hobby is to flip words around
My specialty is to empty out my opponent
Gold-digging celebs who say they’ll come back after succeeding
How can you trust them? They’re like an already cheating lover
I have done things my way and will continue to do so
I will change all the old things that aren’t me
You gave up on your ways and took caution to those in high positions
You cry and film “Human Theater,” just go to Broadway
It’s nothing personal, I’m just trying to win
Provoking you is my game strategy
I’m the heavyweight of Korea’s hip-hop and rap, everybody’s got attitude
It’s just part of the game – don’t hate the player, hate the game, fu

All the managers who suffer in the background
Rap, rap, rap movement
All the idols who live and die by style
Rap, rap, rap movement
The ladies who only go to electronic music clubs
Rap, rap, rap movement
All the men who can’t live without loyalty
Rap, rap, rap movement

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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