Jung Dong Ha (of Boohwal) – First Button (첫 번째 단추) When A Man Love OST


One man is in love with you
With clumsy eyes and clumsy steps
So that naive woman, like a fool,
Is looking at a different place once again

Where did it go wrong?
Like buttons fastened wrongly
It seems like I can touch you but I can’t
You remain even clearer to me

* You’re really so bad – I’m still at the same place
But you pass me by again, making my heart cry
You live in me but you’re not there
That reality makes me sad again

** Cause you’re in my heart
Again today, I wait for you
Please hold me as I’m living my cruel fate
I love you – words I swallowed by myself
Now I’ll tell you so you can see me

As I’m locked in thoughts of you
I suddenly looked at the clock hand
It seemed like our destiny
That is in the same place but is looking at different places

* Repeat

** Repeat

Time, please stop – she is passing me by
So that when my heart and my tears can be seen
So that when the falling rain stops
I can go into her embrace

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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