P-Type (Feat. San E and So Jung of Ladies Code) – Twisted (불편한 관계)


It won’t be easy facing this
But still, we need to take a step forward
This is a work of art that grew with time
We fell in love with the same girl

An uncomfortable relationship
You said you started seeing her after she and I broke up
I remember how you used to talk badly about me before
It wasn’t all over yet but people were busy pointing fingers
After I changed my expression, I pretended to be calm
But the ceiling of my room with the lights off revealed my feelings
Each moment was uncomfortable so I turned the lights on again
I heard from my friends about the noisy, typical, instant gossip
The bad rumors make me look like an evil villain
There’s nothing to explain or clear up anymore
The wind keeps blowing while people think whatever they want to
It sings like you and I right now

I am alright, I am alright
So my broken heart can be filled with memories once again
Like our stories

An uncomfortable relationship
I heard that you left her
Not only that but you left many scars as you left
There were a lot of bad rumors about you
Why did you make her cry?
I was there when people said you both looked good together
I was young and felt betrayed
Afterwards, you were always shone with a black light in my eyes
Because you were a bastard who left a precious girl who shouldn’t be pitied
I wanted to make you be judged by others
Afterwards, you went back to her
Saying that the rumors were a misunderstanding, showing your true heart
But I got stubborn and kept saying bad things about you
I insulted everyone who tried to convince me otherwise
After time passed, like they said, there is no such thing as an eternal enemy
I was having a drink as I turned the age that you were back then
I think I know that feeling now
We’re singing about her together, right now, like you and me

Let’s sing of the stories in the memories that we held onto without knowing
So we can laugh over it

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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