Rain – Baby (차에 타봐)


My heart is knocking, I can’t forget you
Last night, you left me without a word
Whatever knife you use, even if you cut my skin
Even if I bleed, I’m okay
I want to take off my heart and make it stop

I can’t live, I can’t stand in front of you like this
I will cut off my memories just until I don’t die
You you you you

Get in the car, let’s talk
How could you always do this to me?
Turn off your phone, please don’t pick up
Don’t talk about anything with that guy anymore
I see that your scent has changed
Baby, did that bastard touch you? Tell me

Where are you, you bastard, hurry and pick up?
If you call my girl from now on, I’ll kill you
A guy like you can’t look at her
Even I can’t look at her
She’s my precious girl, but you touched her

I can’t take it anymore, I need to punch you
So you won’t ever look at my girl again, I need to teach you a lesson
You you you you

Get in the car, you need to get punched first
How could someone like you dare to hurt my girl?
Turn off your phone, do you know?
I came from the lowest of lows, you messed with the wrong guy
Don’t force your scent on me
There’s no such thing as forgiveness to you
What’s wrong? Look at me straight in the eye
Because then I can teach you a proper lesson

At that moment, instead of me, she held onto his face
Crying, screaming and caressing
My hairs stood and I became a fool
Tears started flowing down my eyes
You you you, is this how it is?
You you you, it hurts so much

Get in the car
Turn off your phone
Your scent

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

4 thoughts on “Rain – Baby (차에 타봐)

  1. The words in english make this song sound immature. But sung in Korean. You would never even know that this song is so totally not sexy.


    1. Lighten up. It’s trying to telling a story that even though he protected the girl he loved, he still got betrayed. Personally my favorite song from his album.


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