Rainbow Blaxx – One Word (한마디)


Without a single word, you’re looking into my sad eyes
You’ll talk now, we will stay up the whole night
Don’t say it, you turn around and softly say it
After the night passes, you won’t be here anymore

Whenever I said we should break up, you’re the one who held onto me
But if you leave like this, what do I do?
Even if you were late sometimes, you always came back
Stop it.. no matter..

No matter what you say, when today passes, you’ll leave me
Tell me, what don’t you like? The one thing I want to know, the one thing that will make you stay

Letting you go without a single word is not because I’m okay
You will come back, that’s what I wanted to believe
Don’t leave me, don’t throw me away, we used to know just by looking into each other’s eyes

I’m still waiting for you, I still have a lot to say that I couldn’t tell you
It hurts so much after you left, so don’t leave me
Wait right there, will you look at me and hug me just once?
What can I say for you to turn around? I see your heart has left, my tears are welling up
The words “don’t leave” were replaced with “goodbye”

What can I say? What can I say to make you stay?
Don’t say those words, I hate it, words that hurt me, goodbye

If we could be over with just one word, breaking up is like a lie
I’m scared that we’ll become a painful memory, don’t leave

Oh, softly in my eyes, come back

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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