Illionaire Records (Dok2, Beenzino, The Quiett) Feat. MC Meta – Link (연결고리)

The link between you and I, this is the sound inside of us

The link between you and I, the 808 bass sound
Prima Vista music, the link with Meta hyung
We’re the head of Seoul city, the rest is all crap
Making more money, making money
Who can stop me, I’m the best
I change my girlfriend every night
I won’t give you inspiration
If you really need it, I’ll just give you money
When I come out, the roof is on fire
I’m on the girls’ desktops, they all dream of me
My competition can’t even dream
After you die, no one will remember you
Not even your lump

When I say put your hands up, put em up to the sky
Don’t need anything else, if you don’t like me, go to the back
Go on your way, I am me, I won’t ever sell my soul
Just watch how far I go
I can’t go back so I just keep going forward
I didn’t say anything when doubts were testing me
I just need to shut up and show them, I know they’ll judge me
I don’t care whatever you say
I’ll walk my own path, it’s my time from now on
Bastards with no rhyme in their rap, just put a tampon in that mouth
You wanna know success? Then come over to my place
Two white foreign cars, ten chains and a gold watch

You have to split your money with businessmen every day
5:5 with your bosses, can’t even promote without receiving allowance
The only thing I split is my hair part
I don’t touch other people’s money from the start
You enjoy all you can and release crappy songs
Finish off with media play
Whose idea was it to put rap in the chorus of famous idols
I can beat those bastards up
Spitting out lyrics like a slap on the cheek
Gather up all the trash bastards
I’ll put my cigarette on top of them
It’s exactly 11:11 when 911 arrived
Rappers have been BBQ, three criminals, Dok2, Been, Q
There’s one more, MC Meta, fans are probably pissing their pants
Link between the new and old, can’t see this picture anywhere else

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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