VIXX – Eternity (기적)

Look. Love is a nightmare. Time’s over

A miracle has come to me
From the beginning, we had started
Because I knew everything about you
I was confident, yeah

(It’s cold) It’s just your mood
(It’s strange) I don’t care about that
(Thank you) All that matters is that you came back to me
You love me, right?

I had such a scary and bad nightmare
You left me forever
Even you can tell it’s a dream that doesn’t make sense
Because there’s no way I would lose you

Don’t even get away from me for a second
No, I just won’t let go of you
I’ll accept every little thing of you
You love me, right?

I wouldn’t want to see me without you even in a dream
If only you are next to me, I don’t care if it’s a nightmare

Suddenly, you grow faint
(I can’t seem to say anything)
I’m afraid to open my eyes right now
(I wanna go to you, I wanna fall asleep again)

Reality without you is like a dream where you are running away
Like a Möbius strip, we go round and round
You are trying to leave me once again
Don’t turn around, I’m holding onto your arm
If you wanna go, try to go
Try to leave as you step on my pounding heart for you
Right now

It was so sweet that I had a terrible nightmare
We had started everything from the beginning
You’re not here but everything is the same
In this dream the moment you left me

A cruel night is endlessly coming to me
I close my eyes again, taking me back to that dream

Into an eternal dream that I won’t ever wake from

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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