Zan Zan – Chicken Feet (닭발)

Wanna get a drink, what’re you doing today?
My friends send useless texts
Looking at the pictures of you that I still can’t erase makes my heart ache

After ordering a drink, I ordered the food that you liked too
The store lady asks why I came alone today
I only show her a half-hearted smile

If I swallow the rushing tears and erase each picture of you
I think it’ll hurt a little less tonight
But like a fool, tears flow

I’m not crying because of you, it’s because the chicken feet are spicy
It’s not because I miss you or long for you
I’m not crying because I can’t forget you

My nose is tingling as if I cried all the tears for a lifetime
It’s alright, the store lady says as she pats my shoulder
Then suddenly, tears flow down my cheeks

Yes I love you, I can’t forget you
Yes I keep missing you and thinking of you
Like a fool, I’m eating chicken feet that I don’t even like
Saying the lie that I will forget you

I’m not crying because I can’t forget you

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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