Kara – Story (이야기)

Will you listen to my love story?
A common story, a break up story
We had such a pretty love, we thought we’d be different
But my heart is growing weak

I always started my day with you
And ended it with you again
But I couldn’t stand my heart that was cooling down little by little

Our memories, our pretty recollections
They get far away and I can’t breathe
It seems like tears will spread and erase it
So you’re the only one I can’t tell this story to

Because of me, again love is
Because of me, getting more painful
Because of you, again my heart
Because of you, is getting more resentful

Our beautifully written story
We thought it would last forever on our page
When I was with you, I never had enough time
But now even when we’re together, it’s like we’re strangers
My heart is always a lone island
Disappearing like the scent on my fingertips
I started my days with thoughts of you, with our memories
But the end is left with only tears

When I open my eyes, my heart aches
I hate myself for letting you go
Words I tell myself in my heart
I’m sorry for hurting you

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Hoping to be a bridge between k-pop music & k-pop fans who don't understand the Korean language.

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