Seo Taiji – Christm

Be alert everyone
And better not cry
I hope a miracle for you will come to this village

Be careful of everything, you should look good
(Just like a butterfly to check and verify)
Because Santa is coming soon
I’ll give you all something valuable
(Just one dream today like a TV show)
Or not… you might get everything taken away

The red Christmas wine caught the innocent witch
Too Legit but in a tricky way
Don’t cry child, there was nothing for you since the beginning, do you still believe in Santa?
Here, trick or treat

I just got bigger and became Santa
Look, now my belly fat is oily
I’ll be on your side now (dream on)
(Just one dream today like a TV show)
Stop chattering and just put on a damn smile

What do you think about my new policy that I worked on all night?
I’ll give you fear and a present too
For the world that wants warmth
From the cradle to the grave
I’m a slave to comfort but a sweet cake
They say I have dirty specs, cut off from the list
He’s Checking it double
You Better not cry

5 Replies to “Seo Taiji – Christm”

  1. “Be alert everyone And better not cry” part could be translated as “You better watch out, you better not cry” as Seo Taiji himself has said that he took some inspiration from “Santa Clause is Coming To Town”. and in the end “He’s Checking it double” is literally “He’s checking it twice”


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