Mad Clown feat. Justhis – Flowers (꽃)

Life is either a fruit or a flower, you know
You’re either pretty or beautiful
Out of the two, my parents may want the fruit but I want the flower
In hiphop, nam sayin
My colleagues know, I’m not Drake
My friends know, I’m dynamic
But I’m not a duo, I’m solo, I’m the one and only
But right now, common cold mode
So welcome to the

When the fruit falls, my inspiration blooms shit
Whatever you want

We are who we are, even if you forget us
Whether this is our first encounter or not, it’s in my past
I saw the reason you don’t smile anymore

We used to be shocked by the beauty
But now it’s been replaced by fights

I have no plans to lose
Those who ran away because I was being myself
The sky they drew out is yellow and spinning

Though I have the train ticket to turn back time
I want to sleep without the alarm

I still don’t know what’s right
But when I turn back, my flower is right there
Those who pick the fruits and those who make flowers bloom
There’s no time, I just hope there will be flowers on my grave

Life is either a fruit or a flower

Even if the world is a fruit
You know, I’m a flower rather than a fruit

Let’s have toast for the flowers

When a day passes, the weight of my worries get heavier
The things that slowly kill me spread like cancer cells
Useless pity and paper chasing
Chasing those things make the lights turn off in my self consciousness, like that
Trying to make a face like an adult
That’s even more awkward
Will the day come when I don’t lose? I’m afraid

I’m closer to the things I chased away because of my dreams
When I was too young to be kicked down, I only have bitterness
Every time someone came close to my angled heart, I gave them scars
I have horns, because I eat the jealousy and inferiority complex to make the fire burn

Life is either a fruit or a flower
You’re either in pain or lonely

Instead of waiting for the fruit to fall
I want to be a flower that is loved just for the season and withers
Longing for the childhood days
The loneliness of the dawn talks to me
That becomes my scent, let my flower bloom

Those who pick the fruit, those who make flowers bloom
It doesn’t matter
I just want to leave my scent on this path
Life is either a fruit or a flower
The world is a fruit and my life is a flower more than a fruit

Let’s have toast for the flowers

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