Yook Ji Dam (feat. 15&’s Baek Ye Rin) – On & On (Prod. by The Quiett)

A kid who was lost from the start
At such a young age to face the world
You don’t know, only seeing how I smile on TV
And believing in everything that’s on the Internet
When kids used to make fun of me for having dark skin
Tasha’s Black Happiness comforted me
That’s when I started to know hip-hop
Because that was my only friend
When I opened my eyes, I transformed into a wrongdoer Continue reading Yook Ji Dam (feat. 15&’s Baek Ye Rin) – On & On (Prod. by The Quiett)


Park Myung soo & So Chan Hee – Fool (바보야)

If you’re gonna say let’s break up that easily
Just go without regret
Don’t tell me that you only loved me
Let me forget the memories with you

You fool, why are you hesitating?
I’ll say goodbye and let you go
Don’t stupidly look at my face
I’ll forget all the pain with you

Don’t leave, don’t leave me here
Did you think I’d say that to you?
Why would I hold onto you? Continue reading Park Myung soo & So Chan Hee – Fool (바보야)

Blady – Come To Me (다가와)

Hey, the guys over there now have their eyes on me
You think you’ll get an answer if all you do is stare?
I’m different from what you’re thinking, I don’t want any of it
I think I found my man, what do you think?

If you want me, don’t just stare
Do what your heart tells you, move
If you’ve dreamed of the same love
This is the moment, alright

(break it down)
Tell me, only one for me, I want you
Be a man, only one for you, that’s what I want
Your eyes are looking at me
I can’t stop loving you Continue reading Blady – Come To Me (다가와)

Yoon Jong Shin (with Jang Jae In) – Memory

The girl with the strong pride and short height
Who had childhood pain but was bright and funny
What was the struggling girl’s dream?

We didn’t ask about her deep feelings inside
She was expected to know my heart
But her dreams were ignored Continue reading Yoon Jong Shin (with Jang Jae In) – Memory